More New Aspects

The past week has experienced another trip to the hospital – that of course was the biggest event of the week.  The pain in effect hasn’t been an unknown; it is a matter of thirty seconds usually at the most.  This time it did not vanish quickly and after more than an hour of it, it made sense to call for help.  Tests for about five hours decided things were not critical.  The aide service was bad again, and this time it was not just in regard to errands.  Available options don’t exist, as is known.  There was also a “new” trouble in the apartment.  Water came dripping from an upstairs apartment (broken water pipe).

The Avon delivery went well.  The lunch lady was extra helpful.  Friend was the outright salvation of sorts as he did the return from the hospital.  He also was a help in other ways.  Given that dripping water (Tuesday) and a complaint about the lack of proper attention to it (Tuesday) maintenance was sent (Wednesday) during the aide time.  The concern was the water was dripping along the area of the light fixtures for the kitchen and the entryway.  It did not hurt to expect it to be checked even though by then it was probably thoroughly dry.  Fixing a closet door also got done as a result of the “visit.”

Nurse, physical therapist and occupational therapist assessment also came and established additional service for this week.   There’s a feeling there’s too much activity, but it’s supposedly medically needed.  Some Christmas cards got sent, insofar as people in the building are concerned, which is a little different.  That hasn’t been properly done for several years.  Where the energy is coming from for all this isn’t quite understood. The hospital bouts just may be a result of the increased activity.  There’s sneezing present, but the runny nose is not running as badly as recently.

Being at a loss isn’t good.  Coffee cup


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