Trying To Get Situated

The week flew by in a most confused state.  The aide service was cancelled due  to the uncertainty as to when the medical people would be arriving.  Instead of just starting up where they were before, the medical people have acted like the services had been canceled rather than simply put on hold.  Friend, lunch lady, the food truck and staff came pretty much as expected.  However, without the aide service the trash had to be gathered up (it got done Friday), and of course things like the mail didn’t get picked up from the post office.  The one medical service for occupational therapy did not contact at all.  That needs follow up.

Two things of note are:  1.  the bill from the hospital arrived and 2. there was a little messing around with Christmas-y things for a change.  That magnetized clip for distributed papers having been stolen, a trip to the office was in order, but they didn’t have any more.  That left the problem of what to do about one unceremoniously handed over by the gentlemanly neighbor when he was told  about the monkey business.  It couldn’t be handed back with explanation that the office had extra.  Neither was there an inclination to just put it out as if no thief had been there.  It was decided to use it as part of a Christmas display.

The ailment that developed last weekend was still under consideration during much of the week, but it seemed under control by Saturday, although it’s still being watched.  The money situation seems to be okay at the moment, but it’s early in the month.  The Avon has to be sorted out, the bill figured up and the money set out for Thursday.  The nurse comes today.  Physical therapy is due today and Thursday; aide service is expected for tomorrow.  It’s near time for hearing from the social security office.  A notice might be in the mail already, waiting to be picked up at the post office.

It can be difficult to keep track of everything.  Fingers crossed


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