It’s After Thanksgiving….

The night comes early these days.  …Not everywhere, of course.  Far, far to the south it comes later now.  But here it comes much earlier and by now is starting to stay late in the morning.  Man and animal alike think to re-adjustment.  Look around for a fast evening meal, and there is an assessment that a light would be helpful.  And, when one sits down to eat it, there’s a clear realization there is no daylight through the window by the table.  It’s night out and it’s 6:00 p.m.  Add   the early cold and notions of even sitting outside after supper are not sensible.  There’s nothing to do but watch television or some other nothing. 

It seems the latest apartment woe  is thief in the hall.  Thieves do get into these places not only as outright intruders but also as visitors and residents.  “A safe place” is something that doesn’t exist no matter what some people might think.  True, some places are a bit safer than others, but none are certain.  The thief’s interest was a little unusual in that what was taken was the magnetized clip that is supposed to be on the door frames for papers.  The thief was on the scene on Thanksgiving morning.  Thanksgiving afternoon brought a new house plant, a violet.  It was transplanted Monday morning by the plant lady. 

Getting back to the week that was….  Thanksgiving Day was good.  That whole weekend was suitably cloudy for autumn.  Those leaves have now lost greenly shades, but a lot of them are still hanging on the trees.  Sunday an illness came on the scene that hung on through the night and yesterday which prompted an excessive number of trips to the bathroom and a call to the doctor’s office.  It may or may not have something to do with the head not working well.  As aide service was by the one that made the mistakes, there was trepidation about it, and justified.  It’s cancelled for this week. 

Peace does make rare appearances.  Fingers crossed


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