Holiday Season Cometh

Well, it got cold like down into the “teens” and it snowed.  And, surprisingly, a lot of the green on the trees is still on the trees.  Presumably the ground is still warm enough to keep things actively alive for a while longer.  However, it will be chilly again later this week.   The holiday season is going into full swing, so, naturally nothing is in working order.  In the personal area the aide service this past week was some of the worst yet.  The little lady cost me seven bucks cash plus a half hour of time.  There was only one that was worse than that.  It is not possible to change, either, at least not at the moment. 

The centipedes are not gone.  One was spotted walking away from the door to the other side of the hall early Friday.  It is hoped it was brought up with stuff from the basement.  A pipe broke; the basement was rather flooded.  A Thanksgiving dinner was planned for Friday in the community room which place was thereby messy.  So, the food distribution, including tables needed to put things on, was relocated to the lobby area just a few feet from the door to the apartment.  Of course, all those who wanted to partake of the dinner then had to go elsewhere, like back to their apartments, to eat.

The money orders for the December rents are in hand thanks to friend whose helpfulness came into play three times this week.  The food truck service was started up again and so was the lunch lady, both as of Friday.  Avon, however, will not be delivered until December.  The item ordered went on back order for some reason.  Tomorrow isn’t promisng to be a good day.  Thursday’s expected to be very special; Thanksgiving dinner has been offered, so that put on by the residents’ association and the apartment management was quite rightfully just skipped.  Sometimes that’s best. 

One may not belong where one is.  Goat


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