Starting A New Beginning?

It looked like there were a few snowflakes floating by the windows early in this past week with many green leaves still on the trees.  Or at least right then that’s the way it was.  It does feel like it’s time for snow, even if it isn’t.  The big thing during the past week was assorted departure medical outreach services  by the hospital outreach staff.  There were two therapists (physical and occupational) and a hygienist as well as a nurse.  All but the hygienist came two days and took up assorted things.  Their plans were for a couple of more weeks.  The patient’s plan was to ask the doctor on Friday to get said services suspended.  He did.

It is anticipated that tomorrow a homemaker aide will be back to help clean up the place, and, of course, it’s not the one that was coming as that one quit.  The quitting business was a little unexpected this time, however, that is the way it’s been working.  Friend was very helpful, getting the mail (which included a nice big bill for the ambulance) and groceries to get along on until tomorrow.  Food truck is due Friday and lunch lady is to be started up again.  It’s a new start for several reasons, the main one being that there is still the state of being “unwell” that presently includes things like no cigarettes.  A “start” is it.

Of course, the world is now operating on “standard” time, but in the hospital it wasn’t particularly noticeable.  And, it might also be mentioned that Sunday it was such a dreary, overcast day that assorted bad experiences drifted in mind vividly.  There was a storm warning up, and there was some dampness outside but no storm during the day.  It did, however, snow in the early morning, not a lot, but some, enough to keep a lot of the old folks in the old folks home in it as much as possible at least for a day or two.  There is stuff to do that is different, starting with the bill of nearly a thousand dollars for the ambulance….

Sometimes it’s hard to see ahead.  Storm cloud Fingers crossed



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2 responses to “Starting A New Beginning?

  1. Michael Bennett

    Wow! That’s a hell of a lot for the ambulance Carolyn! Do you have medical insurance or is there some sort of support system?

  2. Hi, Michael! Medicare has said it pays for an ambulance. I haven’t gotten to dealing with the bill yet, so I’m not sure if it is for all of it (someone said you have to pay some). Yes, someone without some kind of backing is looking at a bill for $880 for a just plain ride via the fire department.

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