Life Continues….

The eleven days in the hospital didn’t seem to be particularly long.  The fall out from it is far from over.  There is one small pill for about the rest of this week, a capsule that’s an inhalant for about a month and assorted home visits for today and later this week.  The doctor is scheduled for Friday.   Aide services are still on hold as there’s no way of knowing what will develop to be done (causing this or that state of exhaustion) either today, Thursday (currently the second day for a round of post discharge services) or Friday.  There is no looking forward to a visit for any of the proposed activities. 

As for the hospital stay itself, there really was little time for rest as the nursing or respiratory or other staff were in and out of the room for this or that reason like pills, treatments, readings and just gathering up the trash randomly all the day morning until night.  The reason for calling the fire department was easy:  amid the first cigarette of the day, strangely, there was no getting a breath of air and not the usual sense of ability to act.  Moving out to the hall amid people  helped some, but the thought in mind was chasing around for services had reached the point of complete exhaustion with probable immobility by afternoon. 

While that thought just may be valid, the drippy nose suggested at least a cold and the hospital tests came up with pneumonia as well as other things.  So, the hospital stay did have some foundation.  Supposedly at this point some of that has been “curtailed.”  There was no coffee ordered for a week (just in case that was a good idea) at the hospital and there have been no cigarettes for over two weeks now – it still a matter of not feeling able to handle that.  (If nothing else, no cigarettes eliminates worries about setting fire to the place, which is helpful when it comes to maintaining a state of calmness.) 

The next question is always where to from here.  Turtle


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