Some Unusual Stuff

The weekend had aspects worth noting.  The mouse is dead.  It was good-sized for a mouse.  The size suggests it wormed it’s way in when it was young.  Seems like the only thing for it to eat was centipedes.  It died late Saturday in the trap put out a week ago Friday.  A neighbor lady helped with the burial (in the trash chute).  After the burial, there was an attempt to set the heating/cooling gizmo on heat.  The nights are in the forties now, and the thing keeps running with it set on air conditioning.  It immediately set off the smoke alarm.  Friend’s visit was highly awaited, partly to search for the mouse hole. 

Earlier in the week was also notable especially Friday.  While sitting at the best hotspot for a computer internet connection, the landlord dashed by mumbling something about seeing about getting an internet connection in the apartment.  The hotspot is in an area he likes to dash through to go to the basement.  While people can get by easily enough,  one can’t exactly fly by.  A subsequent trip to the office to discuss the ins and outs of such things was futile.  He wasn’t there.  There’s a need to stay away from the hotspot during office hours.  Aide service was great, regardless of a time shift without notice on Friday upsetting life. 

The past week was “Avon” week.  That’s working out well.  This coming week is food truck week, which always is a bit rushed; the man comes during aide time.  There also has been action about some help with “The Project.”  Apparently an idea to put into motion isn’t going to be done as hoped.  There can’t be word on that until maybe tomorrow evening.  The doctor’s still being awaited.  Patching the mouse hole (rat hole? – friend said it was large) may take numerous trips to the office.  In general, there is too much running around for internet access and office stuff (using up scooter energy). 

Years fly by faster for the elderly.  Clock Airplane


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