Very Little New….

Suddenly it’s Friday.  The food truck is due.  The homemaker aide is due.  The lunch lady is due.  Maintenance has work to do and might even show up.  And, because yesterday when the rent was due be a holiday with offices closed, the rent needed to be paid, too.  Plus it was due to be 90 degrees outside, therefore 89 or so degrees in the hall and no place to be sitting trying to use a computer.  The fast food French fries bought Friday before last, saved for later, are still in the refrigerator.  Likewise slaw, unopened.  Expectations of using them at the latest sometime this past week didn’t materialize.  Days were a blur. 

The days started getting blurred last Tuesday noontime when the new little aide arrived.  As the trash was being picked up, a centipede ran by her.  There was already a big dead one on the floor.  No one wants to work some place that’s full of bugs.  Tired or not, it was necessary to go infuriated to the office as it’s closed Wednesdays.  Maintenance came to finish that left undone last week.  Friend’s visit Wednesday had no word of an errands person, a matter a-float for weeks now.  The little nurse was sure such existed.  Thursday was partly spent running it down.  Saturday’s disruption was a careless soul knocking on the wrong door.  

Well, the French fries were eaten Saturday.  The errands persons business was finished off with there isn’t one on Thursday.  The holiday yesterday came and went, with the little flags decorating the parking lot where there was picnic-type stuff Sunday and friend coming early.  Sadly, one of Dayton’s last county fairs finished a day’s run early amid little available internet news service.  Regarding the aide services, there’s no way of knowing what will come today.  The little supervisor doing the chores on Friday said she would be coming back Friday.  And, arrival word came from  Avon. 

Sometimes things are never good in River City. 


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