August Plow Through

The big thing of the past week was the lease renewal.  Every year there’s a newer one drawn up as in a year’s time there can be changes needed.  Being too upset at present to seriously comprehend legalese, the property manager was asked to fill out anything needing filling out.  It looked okay.  The second big item of the week was the arrival of a new agency for homemaking services. The agency arrived but the actual aide is not due to show up until today.  The past week was covered by the lady doing the assessment, so stuff has to be explained all over again, but at least there was some suitable service both days.  

The important thing of the past week was the doctor (scheduled for yesterday).  At least there is a doctor about once a month to look over the situation, which definitely seems to be getting worse.  The doctor can also do some things over the telephone.  Maintenance did not come by to deal with the bugs.  The office talks like they propose to deal with the bugs but it’s not being done.  The Avon came.  Friend, who again covered a lot of shortfall, came both days; lunch lady came all five days.  The money again wasn’t counted up, which is always a sign things are in a bad way.   

The foggy state of mind may be due to several things, one of which is that this year August is a short month (e.g., rent should be paid this Friday three days in advance of the first of next month) which wasn’t noticed due to the assorted dis-service until well into the month.  Not having handy internet access, like at the table, also makes a difference.  The hallway’s not too comfortable.  While a little can be done on the cell phone at the table, it’s far from a computer connection.  And, the remains of the scaffolding are still around the building.  Returning to daily notes looks to be a long time away. 

Some ancient Greek said nothing was static. 


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