Volatile Time

The notion riding in the mind is “made it” meaning into August 2014.  (There be some doubt toward the end of the month.)  Wednesday friend took out the trash and more.  Friend put in new scooter batteries on Sunday.  Friend did the plants’ care on Sunday as on Saturday some of them were still muddy wet.  His offer to pick up the post office mail yesterday was accepted.  Friend’s a nice person who wants to help.  Maintenance did fix the heating/air conditioning unit but did not bug spray.  Sunday afternoon another live centipede was found on the floor.  It caused a trip to the office yesterday. 

Friend helped, of course, because he knew aide services were disrupted.  At first it was by the usual agency.  Secondly, nursing services suggested their own aide, who, it turned out, would not be doing anything but personal care (not sweeping or other chores) and furthermore never showed up.  Discussion about it all used scads of telephone money, caused lengthy email messages and consumed lots of time uselessly.  Nursing services is supposed to come one more time, on Friday, and if need be Monday.  It is possible an aide from the regular agency will come if picked up after the office opens today. 

The rent got paid because it got paid Thursday.  A neighbor changed a light bulb that burned out.  No progress has been made on internet access.  It’s a matter of getting out into the hallway, at times all the way to the end of it.  What is undone is  piling up.  One nagging concern is the state of the post office box.  Possibly it may not be all right.  A second Avon order is to be delivered this week.  That’s a valuable service for more reason than the products as such.  The lunch lady and the food truck came as expected, both handling things superbly. Even though it is more than thirty days, August is a short month this year. 

It can get really bad when people don’t pay attention. 


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