Some Things Ain’t No Better

The past week bordered on disaster.  The substitute aide that came last Tuesday didn’t seem to pay a bit of attention to what was being said, made a mess and left the patient fuming.  Friday service was cancelled, as the agency planned to send another substitute, someone running to probably unfamiliar places when doctor was due to come at any time.  Nursing’s scheduled.   Aide service is, too, at usual time, presumably.  That wasn’t all of the medical and allied matters.  It took five trips to the activities coordinator’s office to find her available to check out what scheduling and information she organizes (still unfinished). 

There’s still searching for bugs, internet access, research help, distance errands and someone to fill in some for the missing aide service, which seems a likely to be needed concern – friend’s doing a lot these days.  He came by Sunday and on Wednesday (promised to help), but only so much can be asked of him especially since he is into scooter maintenance currently.  He got some of the groceries on Sunday.  The lunch lady came as expected.  Maintenance is reliable.  It’s nice to have Avon again – shoes are on order.  The perfume’s not bad, either.  Being on the first floor can help with little emergencies. 

The new apartment has been markedly cooler than the old place.  Now, that’s a better thing even if there has been the chasing after centipedes.  July’s heat has barely been noticed.  It might be cold in the winter, but that’s not sure yet.  One can put on more clothes.  The move came just in time.  It’s pretty sure the near future would have been a nursing home.  However, the week ahead promises to be very disorganized and hectic.  The food truck’s due, the rent is due, laundry needs doing, with the extras (nursing services, maintenance spraying, internet) on top of that.  It seems formidable.  

Some people have a future they don’t expect. 


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