Too Many Visitors

Talking takes energy.  If someone is at the door, one needs to say something or the other.  People at the door can make it an exhaustive day or,  in this case, an exhaustive week.  The past week had several extra callers.  Friend who at times skips Wednesday if he’s especially busy at the office came twice extra this past week.  He wanted to get rid of some stuff rather than haul it in on Sunday.  The lunch lady came all five days, the homemaker aide (needing explanation about Fridays) came both days for a change and four other persons (two unexpected, one requested and one negotiated) also came. 

As the vitamins would not last the week, there was a call to the drug store.  That order was not delivered by the lady who understood the sign on the door frame about the door being open meant come in; there was a bit of a stew.  A couple of more bugs were killed and maintenance didn’t come by to spray on Wednesday.  A trip to the office brought maintenance at 8:30 a.m. Friday, unexpectedly.  An unexpected was also the Avon Lady.  The air bed collapsed.  As aide services do not equal reliability and friend was already getting money orders for rent, there was a search for a resident to go get a new air bed. 

And, of course, not being very well can get worse given the right circumstances.  Bad internet access is a sizable annoyance; the computer is used to replace both telephone and newspaper.  That works good when it can work.  In ninety degree heat the ailments get worse.  The aide agency sent official word the current aide turned in a resignation — no certainty of any service after this Friday.  The gnats seem to have multiplied, and maintenance doesn’t do the gnats.  It is about time for this or that light bulb to burn out.  On a more positive note, lunch yesterday had a favorite, sauerkraut.  It’s rare. 

Sometimes only hope keeps things going. 


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