Friday Holidays

The food truck did not arrive last Tuesday as scheduled because of the holiday on Friday – rescheduled for July 5, Saturday.  It’s a big Minnesota corporation.  The aide did come on Tuesday with word she would not be around come Friday, and so much for errands according to routine.  Alcohol is used liberally as bug spray.  Maintenance did not come Wednesday.  Bug concerns are dealt with every other Wednesday and it didn’t happen to be “spray week.”  Discussion with the office was initiated in the pre-dawn hours of Thursday and finalized in the parking lot in mid-morning.  Maintenance arrived later Thursday. 

Friend came  Wednesday, but things be too confused to define what he could do to help beside bring water and alcohol on Sunday.   As the aide wasn’t coming on Friday, the nice resident who picked up the mail in the past was located.  He had just undergone a bit of surgery on a leg – walked with a cane, couldn’t drive.  As a sort of after thought, it seemed a good idea to ask a neighbor if there had been centipede problems in the past.  Three attempts to find her home were futile.  It was late Saturday when asked.  Answer:  no.  And, unexpected blood was found Saturday afternoon  It may be all right now.  Finances were not sorted out. 

A visit was made to the activities coordinator for several reasons.  It is likely to amount to nothing.  Given the week, there was no calling the drug store for any pills (vitamins running low), and it is about time for the doctor to be coming by.  The aide is due at noon.  Tuesdays are for cleaning although groceries might be useful, especially since the food truck was short an item.  If necessary there can be pizza house pizza.  A Friday holiday is a good thing for the simple reason that it’s a real change of pace.  One trouble with them is that some people don’t know how to adjust.   It’s good there won’t be another one for a while. 

Time can escape one’s control of it. 


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