Another Week Flies Away

The rent got paid yesterday in an office trip about extermination services from maintenance.  First it was a few gnats.  Then those seemed to have multiplied or awakened or maybe grew enough to be visible.  A fly appeared, then maybe two more.  A small brown centipede was found underfoot (under shoe).  Then three more were killed.  Finally a long-legged spider appeared in the bathtub….  More may lurk.  Maintenance is scheduled for tomorrow.  Friend said he would be by tomorrow.  The aide and the food truck are scheduled for today, the food truck because the driver doesn’t want to work Friday.  The aide may not, either. 

As for the past week….  The aide dutifully came both days, and the new start up went well.  The lunch lady, as usual, was the reliable thing.  Internet connection of course is in the hall.  Some people think the reason to sit there is to converse.  To encourage this the mobile web service on the cell phone was into “technical difficulties” nationwide for about twenty-four hours….  Friend came on Sunday and did some construction work.  There’s now a new bed arrangement.  It’s still two air beds, but now they sit on a metal futon base.  Friend also made a special trip on Thursday to take care of getting the money orders for the rent. 

A nice little note came from the nurse who was so very good at nursing.  She was of course answered; but, if all is well enough after five months her job’s done.  A few good people are around.  The agency is not forgotten.  The money is not yet sorted out from the week’s activities again, which is never a good thing; but, the needed adjustments such as for the “insect activities” unavoidably cause things to slide.  The Avon Lady has left brochures twice now – something else good to incorporate into ordinary living, especially since nowadays the books include a few clothes.  Some of the stuff is good. 

Sometimes life amounts to just plodding through it. 


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