A Substantially Different World….

About a hundred and fifteen feet horizontally and about fifty feet vertically can lead to a new view or a nearly radical new world.  Internet access is like it was in the days when there were daily trips to the library, only now the trips are to the hall and not nearly as high tech.  It is a thing to sort out.  It can be done as it was then – online about an hour, then back online a while later – but the computer’s set up for more use than back then.  And, a big room is now two rooms with less scooter turning space in each.  Two tables have become four.  Importantly, the environment is better, the overwhelming sun being out of the picture. 

So another week has passed in attempts at organization.  The only thing reliable was the lady with lunch.  A homemaker aide came once, on Tuesday.  However, it was known beforehand that she would be coming only once.  She’s another new aide, so all the start up explanations are to be run through again.  It takes about three weeks before things are in working order, and that’s always a maybe.  The food truck showed up Friday and a) had no reason for the skip b) was short one item and c) is coming early next trip.  Friend’s visits didn’t work out as planned.  The rent money orders may be done tomorrow. 

There are two new things on the scene.  Another resident has gone after the mail at the post office twice now and may again.  At one time the trip to the bank and to the post office was done by the aide.  Obviously it is a waste of time to expect it with the current agency, and that’s the only medically based service in the entire area.  The other thing, which probably will not pan out, was a visit to the newish activities coordinator in a bid to find someone to help with at least that delayed special project.  Getting back to daily notes here would be nice, but it can’t be a thing for now.  At least the doctor made it to the place on Tuesday. 

Plans are easily derailed. 


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