Progress Report?

Well, things are continuing to be better in some ways, but not so good in others.  For example, the weather for the coming week is supposed to reach into the 90’s (fortunately that’s not continuously), and the new apartment has already been a salvation from the afternoon sun of the old place, but….  A table was set in place too close to the control buttons of the heating/air conditioning unit.  It looks to be enough room to get to them, but it’s tricky.  The table should be moved a few inches, and there’s no one around to be doing any moving.  Changing settings is not yet a big concern (Wednesday may be over 90) but it is a concern. 

The new apartment is getting minimal arranging.  The homemaker aide service didn’t happen on Friday.  Hence, there be things beyond consideration, like the box of canned goods that was packed for easy carry and loaded onto a counter.  As set, the thing was too high to get into from the scooter and too heavy to just slide onto the floor.  Since the food truck didn’t show as scheduled, the canned goods especially developed importance.  The Friday chores are mostly errands but there was time to make the box more accessible.   A neighbor who had a few minutes to slide the box to the floor was found on Sunday. 

The post office mail also didn’t get picked up until a neighbor was found.  That was picked up on Saturday.  Essential things like change of address for the post office still have to be done.  It’s important although much communication is by email.  Important stuff still comes in the U. S. mail.  Lack of handy connection for computer use complicates dealings with service organizations.  Meanwhile, it’s time to be getting the rent money orders and doing other ordinary things in anticipation of next month.  There may be lesions coming up on a foot again.  It is terribly annoying. 

People often need to feel like they are doing something worthwhile. 


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