New Home

Effective this day (time-wise nearly twenty-three hours later than posting time), two-weeks’ occupancy has transpired in the new apartment.  There was contact, like some cleaning after the witching hour, with the old; but, the occupancy was in the new.  In the two weeks there has been some adjusting – notably there has been no internet connection except down hall – and very inconveniently a very minimal amount of unpacking.  If experience is an indication, part of that never will get done.  The house on Rockwood avenue was occupied for thirty-three or so years and some things were never unpacked.  Necessities interfere. 

Of special note here….  Some time ago a penny was put on the windowsill.  And, never mind the stuff that goes with that but, on Wednesday, it was remembered; it was a thought to go check to see if it was removed in the final clean up (seems it was mentioned).  There was a last trip into the place.  Yes, the penny was still on the sill.  Once that was picked up, the keys were turned in to the office.  That last trip, somewhat surprisingly, had no wave of nostalgia in it, even though the place had been a base of operations for nearly five years, most often at a rate of the entire twenty-four hours of a day.  And, it wasn’t a bad place. 

The aide service has been good.  The lunch lady has been arriving earlier.  The drag of waiting for them  is possibly gone.  Friend became very upset and made no visit on Wednesday, but came by as usual on Sunday.  His visit really was in doubt, but it seems things are okay now.  The rent got paid on Friday and some orders got put in the mail.  The neighbors are (so far) ever present and (at best) noisy, but not really a bother as long as the door is closed.  There’s no internet connection to be doing daily notes at present, and that may not be good.  They are a record of events. 

Some things are strangely new.   


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