The Great Move

It’s 2:31 a.m. Monday, May 26, 2014.  There is no internet connection except at the end of the hall.  Furthermore, it’s sure there won’t be any for a while.  Why it is no longer present in the lobby is unknown, but a possible reason is the worker scaffolding for the construction work is right outside of the window and it looks like it’s metal pipes that may be jumbling the wireless signals.  That will be there for a while.  In the meantime for sure and maybe thereafter any getting online is going to be in tiny bits on the cell phone or at odd hours down the hall maybe as much as an hour at a time amid any people coming and going. 

In the past week everything in the apartment was hauled to a new apartment on the first floor.  While the lack of internet was unexpected, it’s still a worthwhile trade off for getting out of the endless southwest sun and resultant heat.  (There is likely to be a way to find the internet.)  However, there will be radical changes in internet activity at least at the present time.  There’s no smoking or drinking while sitting in the hallway; so, doing so while playing an online game is activity of a past life.  In addition, there is now no need to go stay at a hotel or whatever because the construction workers are occupying the apartment. 

As is recalled, friend did the whole move Tuesday, from mid-afternoon to near about 1:00 a.m.  Most things were just unloaded along walls.  The aide came on both scheduled days; and, Friday, since she could be met at the building’s entry easily, some “enlightenment” was cast on some matters in regard to service.  It seems there’s some office ineptitude to ferret out somehow (as suspected).  All the stuff needed for a move to another place is just as much in play even if only from one apartment to another.  Friend, who came yesterday but who couldn’t stay very long is supposed to come by later today to help sort out things. 

There are many kinds of “new worlds.” 


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