A New World Of Sorts

As this hits creation and publication, things are in a moving stage.  By the end of the week the world underfoot is expected to be quite different, even though that actual place is still in the same building.  It’s a move to another apartment.  How things will be is open to question as there are serious problems in sight; but, one underfoot is even more serious as summer approaches.  About fifty percent of a wall is windows and they face southwest.  The place is extremely warm during a day with sunshine all afternoon.  The air conditioning unit is new, but it can’t do much to cool the place off. 

During the past week the aide came both days, but, as usual, part of the allotted time was lost in her getting in and out of the place.  It was so bad that the list for Friday was scrapped and what was not done on Tuesday was done on Friday.  It had to be that way as some of the stuff has been put off before.  An attempt was made to see the new apartment, but that wasn’t done, either.  It was a matter of take it sight unseen.  It was agreed it could be seen, but when it came to actually doing so, another “just like it” was not only showed but was said to be what was available.  It doesn’t make a lot of sense. 

There’s a need to leave the apartment by the end of the week as construction of the new windows is finally supposed to take place.  When word came that going to a hotel for the interim might be avoided, friend was immediately called to be in on things as he’s supposed help.  He said he would be by Tuesday, but he was not around until Sunday.  Sunday he was going to pick up the mail before going to work as it wasn’t done Friday and get water and alcohol.  That didn’t work as expected, either.  He did go get the mail and supplies in the late afternoon.  The whole deal is a big mess. 

It’s bad when one realizes one is yelling too much. 


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