Life Goes On….

It’s Monday night at the end of another seven days of confused, tiring existence as has been for too long.  The seven days are a blur.  The aide managed to get to the apartment both days and may be getting more acclimated to the system.  Of course there was lunch person every day and the food truck on Friday.  Neither have exactly the desired food, but ninety-nine percent of it isn’t too bad.  Given the circumstances, it’s a case of being lucky.  Friend did not stop on Wednesday as family concerns got very serious, but he did come Sunday.  At the moment it seems things are adequate, although the plants didn’t get watered Wednesday. 

Two bright spots appeared on the scene.  On Friday the mail included brochure materials from Aviation Trail to give to people, a part of the real world instead piddling life in the old folks’ home.  Today, unexpectedly, the building manager showed up to say that the possibility of another apartment exists.  It’s not at all certain as a trip to the office said the person hasn’t left yet.  However, it sounds like it would be a good spot, and there would be no need to “relocate” for work on the windows.  The down side of life includes a bill from the doctor’s office – unresolved for about two weeks now.  And, the computer’s acting up again.

Due tomorrow is lunch, the aide, the doctor and friend.  It’s tiring just to think about it.  The bill and the possible move have to be discussed with the doctor, and the possible move has to be mentioned to everyone.  The reason friend is coming by tomorrow instead of Wednesday is to discuss it.  Due to that, plant care is going to be hit and miss again.  The outside temperature is getting very warm already which makes it hot inside the place, which also makes it hard to think clearly.  Furthermore, as it’s only the beginning of May, the summer’s a good bet to be impossible.  Things are even more upset than usual. 

Life can easily be a matter of simple survival. 


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