There is no way to put this week’s message other than as a composite.   The aide dutifully came both Tuesday and Friday and worked much of that allotted time doing much of the stuff to do, but not all.  From the viewpoint of the apartment underfoot, things are still at the stage of the person getting familiar with what is to be done.  Meanwhile, it has been a week of things going bad, from collapse of the air bed and important light bulb burn out to further break up of the scooter footrest.  It been so bad that a couple of times evening meals were at something like 1:00 a.m.

Friend came as expected on Sunday and on an emergency basis on Tuesday.  In checking the month’s finances, it was clear it was time to go buy some things for the apartment.  This included two tables and the base of a futon on which to put the air beds.  Because the air beds can’t be very firmly inflated or they crack, the things don’t provide a lot a firmness for getting up.  A futon base should provide needed firmness, but that has yet to be seen.  It’s not worthwhile to set up either the tables or the futon at present as the last reported date for relocating was this coming Friday, in which case it would all have to be taken down again.   

The computer system had internet connection problems a couple of times.  The mail, both email and the U. S. postal service, brought unexpected things in need  of sorting out as money is involved.  On the other hand, email sent has not been answered.  Construction work continued with infernal noise by the windows the decent days that windows needed to be opened.  Now, as an example of the state of affairs, it’s about like this:  a grocery ad from the in house mail was pulled out of the scooter basket with effective sale date from December 20, 2013 , through January 2, 2014.  It was thought to be the most recent one. 

Some things are beyond help. 


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