And, Life Continues….

Tuesday afternoon….  The morning started okay as it’s always nice to hear from what might be called “special people” even if it is only by email.  Lunch was nice, if compared to some.  (Some are fairly good.)  The noise continued, but not as it could have been.  The temperature was good – a fairly comfortable day.  Aide’s service being what it is, the aide arrived at noon, well off of the official schedule of the agency, which wasn’t so good.  It is assumed regular friend is very sick.  It isn’t like him to miss coming short of a substantial reason.  The great relocation is another day closer and nothing’s ready. 

Wednesday evening….  A substitute delivery person came with lunch today.  He said the lunch lady called in sick.  So, that makes two dependable people not too able to be of help.  Friend came by in the evening anyway and watered the plants although he said he still has pains.  His doctor seems to be uninformative.  Some changes are needed, and it seems like there are no other sources for workers.  A letter still has to be written.  The day’s mail had a bill, and this time payment has to be by check.  Talk about bother.  The new little plant that came Sunday got to the lady that’s been repotting them this evening. 

Thursday night….  “A head full of cotton” is the best description for the way this day’s mental state existed.  And, that’s for some completely unknown reason.  It may have been a worsening of yesterday, which only had a strange dream.  Lady with lunch was back on the job.  No one else was due to come by.  The new plant did get brought back in a much bigger pot.  The day was good.  The noise wasn’t excessive.  It was just impossible to think, and tomorrow the food truck and the aide are due, both of which need a list.  Neither list should be difficult, but there is something happening and none of the little tricks are working. 

Friday night….  There was a nasty accident early in the day, but things went well thereafter, just a little too well to think a new norm has begun.  All service notes got put out in time for the people.  The aide got in the place, it seems, quicker or more easily – from the description that’s not certain.  That food truck was early.  It came while the aide was doing the errands.  The day’s business was finished at 2:00 p.m., making it a “free” afternoon.  Whatever was wrong yesterday should show up again – things don’t go away that fast.  The weather was good today.  It is probably going to be too warm in the place for the next couple of days. 

Saturday night….  The breathe right nose strips aren’t supposed to be left on for more than about eight hours, but there didn’t seem to be much choice about use throughout the day.  It was either that or desperate breathing.  The temperature outside hit at about 80 degrees, and the air conditioner was on from morning on to near the witching hour.  There was a trip downstairs around noon to see what went on as the aide said the same four people were outside when she came, none of whom would let her in the building.  Only two people were there but Saturday may be different.  An Aviation Trail email letter got sent.   

Sunday night….  It’s been hard to remember that it is Sunday.  Some odd events of recent days may be due to the disruptions these recent weeks in regard to the aide service as well as the weather, but there are other unexpected details which can throw things out of whack as well.  They are details.  Friend came twice, one time more than a half hour before expected then a second time more than a half hour after expected.  While he meant well, that delayed lunch enough that it put the afternoon nap into the evening.  He did water the plants (a difficult job when done from the scooter), but some things to be taken were forgotten. 

Monday afternoon….  The clock said about 6:00 a.m. – too early as a 12:30 a.m. bedtime suggested getting up at about 8:00 a.m.  Time to turn over.  The second time it seemed to say 7:30 a.m.  Turns out it was 6:30 a.m. – the light was dim as the light bulb in that main lamp had burned out.  …But, that was only two things, the air bed was collapsing.  Computer would get the mind back in routine except a storm outside was disconnecting internet access – made lunch and nap late.  A crack in the scooter footrest decided to break it apart at the edge.  A list has to be made out for the aide for tomorrow and the afternoon nightmare interpreted. 

Things can fall apart at inconvenient times. 


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