So, It Is More Than Mid-April

Tuesday night….  The aide came and was introduced to the ways of the place.  It might be an idea to record the speech.  She did well.  And, one must remember a good aide doesn’t last very long.  If they do not quit, the agencies have reasons to fire them.  She arrived a half hour before expected (forty five minutes if agency’s information were worth anything).  Lunch hadn’t been started.  The talking plus doing (minimal) while trying to eat was so exhaustive that the emergency squad would have been needed in another two minutes.  A finger got burned during an attempt to get supper out of the microwave….   

Wednesday night….  And, night it is.  Nearly the entire morning free time went, due to fierce determination, to the composition of a relatively small message for online posting – it seemed very important.  The equipment faltered incessantly, and it was circumvented.  Nearly the entire late afternoon’s free time went, also due to fierce determination, to a search for obituary information on a deceased, somehow, relative – unexpectedly deceased.  The former had a spelling error in it found later, and the latter was never found.  The bad news is, friend’s sick; he said so when he stopped by.  The good news is, relocating is now a little later. 

Thursday night….  The day was beautiful.  The food was pretty good.  The noise was continued but was not very bad.  The medical condition seems to be getting worse, deteriorating.  Exactly how isn’t certain, however, it is getting difficult to do things again, like get up to flop from here to there.  Concentration is not easy or maintained for very long.  That’s not good given that an aide should come by tomorrow and a grocery list is needed and friend may go to the bank.  The bank trip from last month still hasn’t been finished off, except in part.  It’s so bad one item neglected was getting coffee and the jar’s almost empty. 

Friday night….  Good Friday night, and apparently in the usual unsettled state of such days, quite a few things went wrong.  The last item was friend, although not well, went to the bank for the rent money orders and the teller forgot to sign one of them.  He had to go back.  The first item may have been the need first thing in the morning to change clothes.  The aide did come, very late.  She said she could not get in the building, and much of the service time was thereby deducted from the doings.  She was sent to the store anyway as coffee was getting very low.  To make things worse, she got ground coffee instead of instant. 

Saturday afternoon….  Some more got done on those computer things that need to be copied down.  Things like to connections to government information sites, news places and mail are getting more important each day.  That’s because what medical recovery there might be seems to have ended, and it appears there isn’t going to be a transfer to another apartment in this place.  It’s not yet 70 degrees outside and the place is like an oven.  What friend took care of last month still is sitting never mind what he did yesterday.  Another guest as well as friend is due to come by tomorrow with an Easter dinner.  And, Happy Easter to All. 

Sunday evening….  There were three visitors at the door today.  One was regular friend at his usual time (sick or not), and he watered the plants.  He had a dinner on his mind as well as his pains.  The first visitor was the special with that Easter dinner.  It was lovely.  The last was an idiot of sorts that didn’t bother being sure of which apartment she wanted.  Although it was on the list, the aide did not buy alcohol on Friday.  Friend was to bring it today.  He didn’t.  Tomorrow’s another day.  Although “The Project” speech was handed to the special guest as is always done, it would be miraculous if something comes of it.    

Monday evening….  The seasonal shift is in and then some (it’s felt in the bones), so things feel unsettled.  Well, they’re always unsettled, but now it’s evening and it was just a minute ago it was afternoon.  Friend did not come by in the morning as expected.  Lunch wasn’t great.  The noise continues outside.  Air conditioning is needed although it’s nice outside.  It’s getting harder to breathe.  Aide is due in less than twenty-four hours.  Relocating is a day closer.  There is a houseplant to be repotted.  It is pretty, but there is no more table.  Again the computer is not in working order exactly, with no known way to fix it…. 

Some days are more or less repeats. 


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