Ta Da!

Tuesday afternoon….  It seems the world has stopped.  Among the expectations, or maybe hopes, of the day there was a homemaker aide.  None came.  Assorted replies from several people were also expected.  None of those came, either.  On the positive side, the lunch lady did come.  The interesting thing with that is that the lunch lady and the homemaker aide are ordered by the same service agency, just from different sources.  On the positive side with the replies, a couple which can be called unexpected did turn up.  At least one could possibly be helpful.  At the moment a disaster may be in the making with the aide service.  

Wednesday night….  Friend came by, watered the plants and took out trash – an extra bit of help.  He didn’t take out all of the trash, as the empty boxes could sit until Tuesday.  He took the keys for the post office box mail and the laundry with the unwanted idea of dropping both off on Friday.  That got changed.  The lovely day allowed for the construction to go on all day (8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.).  Again it was right outside of the window.  There are a couple of positive elements with not having a homemaker aide.  One is that the work does not need to be lined up for a deadline.  However, if friend does it, it is an imposition. 

Thursday evening….  A nice surprise came this evening.  Friend stopped by with the mail from the post office.  He brought an unexpected box of candy.  While it is available in some forms in the supermarket, the nut free kind isn’t stocked.  It has to be bought at one of the company stores.  That request was a whenever he was in the vicinity.  It was not expected so soon.  And the mail included another request, mini calendars from the bank.  The day was pretty, so there was horrid noise until 3:00 p.m. (with a promise of more tomorrow).  Some of the money’s been properly put away….  Tomorrow promises to be busy. 

Friday night….  A homemaker aide did come today.  Little got done.  For Fridays the errands were the intention.  Friend had already picked up the mail in case of another no show.  The stuff from the supermarket wasn’t a big concern yet,  but one does have to get acquainted.  She may be okay – it is yet to be decided.  The food truck came, too, as expected, but was an item short.  It’s not essential.  The noise was present but it wasn’t heavy.  Somehow the day became exhaustive.  It may have been due to all the talking, to the lunch lady, to the truck driver, most importantly and extensively to the new aide due to the explanations.   

Saturday afternoon….  It seems Saturdays have become that rare chance to do a little something online, like these notes.  Not much gets done – mornings are the same every day, the big production of getting up, getting something to eat, a few minutes of trying to get the computer going for any messages, etc., but there are a couple of hours between that and evening when things of interest instead of an essential needed can be done.  The aide bought too many bananas yesterday.  It was good today had enough time to go give some to someone else, although that was squeezed into the morning.  There was a nice chat with a neighbor. 

Sunday night….  Friend came, all confused.  He didn’t bring the laundry back; he seemed to have the notion he was supposed to go to the store and come back.  A little confusion can get into things with the hit-miss way things go with the aide services.  He did water the plants.  He did explain how she may have lost change from Friday’s trip to the supermarket (which was pitiful).  The temperature was over 80 degrees this afternoon.  The air conditioner was run.  The doctor is due to come tomorrow.  …And, of course, so is the noise unless it is pouring rain.  In a couple of weeks it’s supposed to be time to leave.  It’s overwhelming. 

Monday night….  The doctor came first.  He had no assistants, so some checking was skipped, like blood pressure, as the assistants carried that equipment.  They offered to meet him or something, but he said don’t bother.  The blood pressure is usually okay anyway.  He indicated things were in adequate shape.  The lunch lady came next.  She brought an extra.  It was a nice visit.  April 14 is a day for a visit to the cemetery, even if it is only online.  It is good the afternoon was a free one.  An online friend chatted a bit, and a complaint of sorts got turned in to the service agency.  That’s getting nasty. 

Little things can be very exciting. 


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