And, April Begins….

Tuesday night….  Well, come 8:00 a.m., so did the construction noises.  Today’s noise was a lot worse than before.  One crew member was in front of the window without the blind pulled.  As the rent was due today, there was a dash downstairs before the lunch lady came.  It was attempted because she is prompt.  There was just barely time.  Since a homemaker aide was due at noon, it would have been a rush to take it later – after several hours of the incessant construction noise (not leisurely idea there).  There was no need to plan around the aide as none showed up, and there was no notification about it, either.  

Wednesday (Delayed)….  Something happened and it’s not known exactly what’s the matter or what was the matter.  The only more or less material reason might have been there was too much disturbance in a trip downstairs.  That was just to get out of the place for a while.  It seems it was right then that a bunch of people wanted to use the elevator, and only one is working.  Using it with a scooter isn’t like walking on it.  Lunch lady’s visit was nothing unusual, and friend’s visit later was far less complicated than usual, but the notes and more were forgotten even though they were firmly intended and there was plenty of time. 

Thursday afternoon….  God bless the rain!  They could not do any construction work today as it was raining too hard.  The place was quiet.  The rain was heavy but wasn’t especially stormy.  With the sky overcast, there also wasn’t a blazing sun streaming in all afternoon.  A little more got done on the almost two weeks’ old unfinished “Friday business.”  A list has to be made out as there is supposed to be a new homemaker aide coming tomorrow.  Given the trouble it takes, that really isn’t worth the effort it takes, but it just might be the only thing around in some situations, so there’s no getting rid of it yet. 

Friday night….  Well, the lists were made out for the aide.  And, it was rainy with clouds most of the day, so no construction and no sun.  All told, a good set up to meet a new aide who never showed up.  They said she couldn’t get in the place, a possibility, of course,  but one has to wonder how hard she tried.  Upon learning there would be no service, there was a sifting through evidence about it.  What’s said can need evaluation.  It didn’t quite add up right.  An office trip seemed like a good idea.  Friend got the list of stuff to get.  Some little computer messages in mind for some time got sent.  They might mean something. 

Saturday evening….  Some – just some – of those recently jumbled up computer things are now in shape to be copied down for reference.  The whole “x-y-z” day has been spent with the computer – about 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. – apart from a break here or there for necessities like food, bathroom and making coffee.  That outside temperature was about in the mid 50’s, but the place felt hot.  A window was left open most of the day, which made it about right.  The unfinished money matters stuff is still unfinished.  There wasn’t an expectation of the fiddling that was needed – files renamed, etc. – for the computer fixing. 

Sunday evening….  Friend came by about as usual.  He brought assorted grocery items.  He watered the plants.  He cleaned up a messy thing hard to reach.  A few items needed a home.  He took them with him when he left.  There wasn’t any go anywhere, as the morning was consumed in writing an unexpectedly needed and maybe important letter, an answer to one received.  Then friend came.  Revised computer stuff went very well.  Given the letter to write, the timing was good for something to work well.  There’s more to do on it.  The long unfinished business of Friday past still sits.  The day was pretty and eclipsed by life. 

Monday night….  This be one of those days that just sort of drained away.  What happened to it is not for sure.  It was just like when one pulls a plug in a sink full of water.  It started at 6:00 a.m. and at 6:00 p.m. there was nothing to show for it.  There was one of those messy accident type things that took some time.  It is related to some kind of attack of some sort, like being knocked off balance.  This something does only last a minute or two.  There was one last paragraph of The Diary’s Blog left undone last night; the post editing took a good two hours.  That  was unexpected, but it simply didn’t fall into place. 

Rainy days can be good things. 


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