End Of March 2014

Tuesday night….  The day’s big deal was going down to the community room for a residents’ meeting scheduled by the apartment building management.  It was a relatively sizable inconvenience since it cut short the after lunch nap, which has some “medical” value (it seems).  However, it was a “have to” thing because they wanted to talk about the building renovation gossip and such.  Money stuff from Friday, of course, is just sitting.  Some basic supplies are dwindling, like what all friend didn’t bring on Sunday, but he still may stop tomorrow.  (It’s not yet time to panic.)  A couple of interests were addressed. 

Wednesday afternoon….  Theoretically, it should have been a day to get back in the hit and miss system of the past.  While that wasn’t good at all, at least there’s been coverage of fundamentals like getting the rug swept.  Well, around noon it seems to have become a dream-wish.  The crew started working on the building outside of the windows in earnest – it sounded like holes were being drilled into the cement outer walls for nearly three hours.  So much for doing anything.  To be done is the money stuff from Friday.  Friend has four big concerns currently and may not come this evening, but the day’s notes are not waiting to find out. 

Thursday night….  Well, friend came by three times today and it now seems all’s well enough.  He picked up the mail and got enough supplies so there isn’t a need for the aide to go anywhere tomorrow if one happens to show up.  (It is possible, but one never knows.)  The day was quiet, none of the drilling-type activity.  An attempt was made on the money business from last Friday.  The envelopes have stamps on them.  Friend took the mail out part of the rent payment.  Food truck is due tomorrow, and there’s no list yet.  A bit more action has been taken on an idea, but it’s not likely to amount to much given what’s happened so far….  

Friday night….  The food truck, lunch lady and “substitute” homemaker aide all came.  The truck had a substitute driver who didn’t know the routine.  That was mentioned two weeks ago and was forgotten.  He came early amid hair combing by the aide who didn’t know how to braid hair or evidently anything else.  Pony tail is good enough for the moment.  At least it’s been brushed.  she was sent for a fast food lunch as what the lunch lady brought is best suited for tomorrow.  It was an idea to send her to the drug store to get vitamins.  That saved a delivery charge.  The drug store no longer has a discount system.   

Saturday evening….  The day started out good and almost instantaneously got a precarious bent.  That overcome, about two hours later something happened in the computer works and all the bookmarks in the favorites bar (about 6o), used several times a day in some cases, were suddenly gone.  Although deleted and in the system’s trash, it happened in such a way that the stuff had to be re-set to an extent and it’s not exactly the same as it was.  They should be written down, but there are loads more than that and not enough time to do it.  The stuff from last Friday still has to be done. 

Sunday night….  For once it wasn’t too bad a day all around.  It be hot and sticky to an extent in spite of the mild temperatures because that’s the way the place is, but not as bad as sometimes.  It be quiet as a church for a change.  That is rather rare.  No emergencies surfaced, although all the stuff from last Friday is still not done.  Friend was late in coming, but there was no pressing need.  The plants got watered.  A few odds and ends that have been “delayed” did get finished off.  It’s not an ordinary day.  Friend said there was a problem with the elevators.  That’s not good if one is on a scooter. 

Monday afternoon….  The infernal construction noise started up at 8:00 a.m. or so and continued.  They seem to quit around 3:00 p.m., but, of course, that isn’t certain for everyday.  There’s not much one can do but curl up somewhere, with ears covered as much as possible, or get out of the place completely, which isn’t too possible under the current circumstances.  Once the noise stopped, given an extra surge of determination, two of Friday’s unfinished items, got done.  There were money orders for two medical bills that got made out, and with a lobby trip they were dropped in the mail.  A beautiful day was outside….  

It’s so discouraging to miss opportunities. 


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