Now It’s Spring

Tuesday (Delayed)….  Once again there be no homemaker aide services.  All the recent discussion is also out the window as the aide that had been coming is “No longer with the agency” as they say.  The day was personally bad anyway, to the point where not only did the day’s notes not get done, the evening meal wasn’t a thing included in the day’s activities.  The (apparent) cold is still firmly hanging on and making existence miserable with incessant coughing, etc.  A trip down to the lobby seemed advisable.  In the in-house snail mail there was a bill from that past medical service that didn’t clear up anything. 

Wednesday night….  Having awakened around 3:00 a.m. from the evening’s nap that shouldn’t have been that long, it didn’t hurt to at least eat a sandwich.  As it was that time, it only made sense to go back to bed.  And, at 8:00 a.m. there was a powerful inclination to call emergency services.  The head felt like it was near to exploding and the congestion was overwhelming.  It did clear up some, so no emergency call but it was bad all day.  Friend did not stop by this evening.  That isn’t surprising given his present substantial concerns, but it does make life just a little further up a creek without a paddle.   

Thursday (Delayed)….  As is recalled, the day was a day of sheer agitation, that’s being agitated, not doing any agitating for anything.  Of course, as has happened in the past, trying to remember the actual events of a day gets murky soon after the day is gone.  The real event of the day was a note from the agency that sends the homemaker aide saying that they were planning to send a temporary – just a week – someone, but not for Tuesday.  What came up again was Wednesday.  It be the third time a visit of some sort on Wednesday has been proposed.  There’s trash all over the place.  The lunch lady’s reliable. 

Friday (Delayed)….  Well, the lunch lady came and all was unchanged until later, as “The Word” about relocating finally came.  Naturally it came close to closing time for the weekend for offices.  As friend had agreed to go to the bank, he was on the scene shortly after and was given the word.  He did get the money orders for the rents, but the bank didn’t fill out the recipients for three others, so it has to be done.  The apartment management’s notice said they will be around come Monday to say what they want moved out.  If there’s only a day and a half to be getting out of the place (the gossip says) it’ll take some doing.   

Saturday (Delayed)….  The day, like others, is much forgotten after the fact as a lot doesn’t go as expected and by the next day new circumstances have grabbed the attention.   The money orders were not made out and sent.  There was email sent in regard to the ancient problem of trying to find a lawyer as an idea turned up that could be explored.  The follow-up is another matter.  It may not amount to anything and may not be a good idea and it certainly is not a time to be taking on new things, but that’s so fundamental it’s worth it to set aside other things.  It is a change from wondering what to do about the trash.  

Sunday (Delayed)….  Friend came later than usual.  It seems some other persons (or person) had some trouble needing attention.  He not only did not bring items mentioned on Friday, when he went to get them, he didn’t come back because of a family emergency.  An intention was to take the plants to his house based on a presumed need to get them out of the apartment in view of the notice left.  They never left the apartment.  They also weren’t watered.  The trash was left, too.  A hope remained for the trash, however, as the lunch lady might take that out.  To be done, there also be some laundry. 

Monday (Delayed….  Well, the blog commentary is late, unavoidably.  The visit by the building management didn’t come until late afternoon.  The Word now is that the relocating will be in May.  The entire day was spent with thought of the building management.  The world, however, was at hand.  The lunch lady kindly hauled out the week’s trash.  The homemaker aide’s supervisor showed up to do the needed reassessment and took care of a bit of the service herself.  No words came from friend until late in the day, and then not much.  The plants got some water near midnight.  And, the blogs have been short-changed. 

It’s easy to wind up in unexpected places. 


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