Gee…. Happy Birthday….

Tuesday night….  One of those horrible days it was.  Today’s important plan was a trip to the office.  Reports (gossip?) said a new system was in place for moving out for the construction.  Two days beforehand they sticks a notice on the door saying leave.  Period.  The office wouldn’t commit to anything.  It may be so.  It was the main thing to find out.  There was also a concern about the doctor visits as it was January when he last came.  They called.  He’s coming tomorrow.  The aide service is getting to be a serious problem.  Wednesday service was refused flatly yesterday, and a notice came they wanted to do a review tomorrow.   

Wednesday afternoon….  The first surprise of the day was the doctor visit.  The doctor visits have been around noon, but it was a little after 10:00 a.m.  Luckily breakfast had just been finished.  He had an alternative for the long delayed CT scan.  Lunch lady was also early, about a half hour earlier than usual.  Presently friend is still due to stop; but, the afternoon was unexpectedly free and used for nap.  A call was made first thing to see about homemaker aide services.  What if any result there will be is in doubt.  There was also a stupid attempt to solve a lady’s problem downstairs.  It’s somewhat embarrassing.  

Thursday night….  Friend came by with the mail he did not get yesterday, as the post office was closed by the time he got there….  (Delayed)  The lunch lady had survey form to fill out regarding those services.  Maintenance came to see about what needed to be fixed, because people do not always report what needs fixing, and didn’t say too much when informed the homemaker aide had not been in to clean up the bathroom.  It may be okay.  An X-Ray technician came, ordered by the doctor, the idea being maybe to put off the need for the CT scan.  Visitor for birthday visit was announced in the email.      

Friday night….  The homemaker aide finally came.  The bathroom is cleaner but not all done.  The food truck came.  The survey for the lunch lady went.  That, a list for the food truck and a small list for the aide (no errands, as friend is willing to do that to help avoid running short by Tuesday) were all made out this a.m. in a sort of hit and miss fashion.  The bad news of the day is that the hind paws, not having had decent care for two and a half weeks, are flaring up again.  Some care is better than no care and medication got smeared on this evening, but it was not done well at all.  And, tomorrow company’s coming. 

Saturday night….  It was a pretty nice birthday.  The weather was fine.  A special visitor brought a monogramed cake and some small gifts.  One item in particular should be noted.  It looks like a hand-made purely decorative shoulder throw, a triangular thing of forget-me-knot lace (too lacy to be for anything like warmth) that is really quite pretty.  A lot of time was spent thanking people.  Indeed, this is sloshing past the witching hour and supper is yet to be consumed.  It was nice that the birthday didn’t land in the relocating as expected.  The only depressing thing in the day was the medical bill in the mail.  

Sunday night….  Well, be sick and then get sicker, developing something else.  A cold will do to add some misery, if that’s all it is.  It does not really act like a cold and, furthermore, how did it happen?  The weather got warmer, and it looks like things will stay that way.  Friend came by, as usual, and he had the groceries that had been requested.   He also took care of the plants.  There’s a need to go to the bank, and it wasn’t even discussed.  The man has loads of other stuff on his mind at the moment.  Meanwhile, the medical bill can be questioned and there’s really no inclination for more to do.  

Monday night….  Nothing extra-ordinary happened yet.  One annoying thing did come in the email.  That might be described as “especially” annoying.  However, it’s not yet annoying enough to discuss.  Given the following typical events, it’s a small thing.  This is the way things go:  about 6:30 p.m. it seemed a good idea for the moment to go get a piece of the birthday cake.  Shouldn’t take long.  Enroute connect cell phone to recharger and open door to look for notices.  Moving leads to coughing, nose-blowing.  Okay, start again.  Phone connected.  Door opened, sign seen.  Sign removed.  Bathroom!  Scooter battery!  Cake at 7:20 p.m. 

It’s St. Patrick’s Day. 


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