It’s March

Tuesday (Delayed)….  The day began beautifully.  The lunch lady came and the aide came and did a wonderful job.  After lunch there was time for rest, needed as the aide had come in which service a lot of physical effort was used.  After a peaceful nap, a check of the email provided a stunning shock.  The aide agency had sent a notification that the service was unceremoniously cancelled.  It was based on wild accusations.  Phone calls went out almost immediately including to friend who promised to come by later, off schedule.  Nothing was gained by the calls to either the assigning agency or the service agency. 

Wednesday (Delayed)….  Stunned by the homemaker aide events, nothing much could be in mind.  The lunch lady came, of course, with current weather news in mind, and friend came by in the evening as expected.  At least the plants are not an immediate concern.  Most of the day was simply a matter of recovering from the shock of the accusations and establishing again the fact that there would not be any cooperation with the usual directive to call back.  And, of course, what to do next is always a consideration.  Fortunately, the chores planned for Friday in this case had mostly been errands.  The mail did happen to be important. 

Thursday (Delayed)….  Follow up calling was done in regard to the aide services, as the assigning agency sent email suggesting that the service agency was rather overlooking the accusations made.  The telephone call the lady got was long and very carefully spoken.  It used up a lot of minutes, which are ten cents each, and it apparently didn’t amount to a hill of beans.  The only thing that could be done was wait for the aide to show up to verify suspicions, namely that she did have a problem with someone but neither agency was interested in laying blame where it belonged.  And, then, to work with that. 

Friday night….  It was as overwhelming day.  The first person on the scene, as is usually the thing, was the lunch lady.  She had news that everyone was expected to be on their own come Monday due to the storm warning out.  Next came aide service with apologies for the trouble.  Four stops are too much so naturally the medical type assistance was limited.  Then came the food truck.  Fighting with a space limitation isn’t easy from a seated position.  Lastly the lady from the drug store came, and that’s still in the sack.   Both the food truck order and the chore list for the aide did get done with enough time left to breath. 

Saturday (Delayed)….  Well, there seems to be a new ailment or maybe even two on the horizon.  What it feels like so far is the absolutely wiped out feeling that a person gets after a week in the 90’s in July with no relief in sight.  There’s a pain in the right temple area, and the disorientation is bad.   At least it is presumed to be disorientation.  There was such a feeling of being in the lobby prevailing on a couple of people that it only made sense to go there to see if anything was going on (some traffic was running back and forth, but not really).  Lunch was good, a leftover from yesterday, so it wasn’t anything ordinary that caused it. 

Sunday (Delayed)….  Friend came by as expected, so the plants got watered.  It’s hard to reach the back ones.  The chat was brief this time.  At the present time a lot of concerns are piling on him.  His kids (adults but still his kids) have serious matters at hand.  An important employee some distance away quit.  Other folks he looks out for in the building also have the relocation problems.  Fortunately, at present the homemaker aide is great.    A tooth and nail online fight may have finally petered out.  The endless rebuttal took hours of careful construction.  A babbling political hack always has a need to preach.   

Monday evening….  As more or less expected, there was no lunch lady visit, so it be a completely “free” day as no one else was due to come, either.  Whatever the new ailment is, it surfaced again.  The apartment is hot from the sun, but still the heating system operates.  The outside temperature is reported as 22 degrees.  It is somewhere amid a winter storm warning.  And, some salvaging:  years ago, in a burst of something like hopes, two search engine group sites were set up.  That idea didn’t get far.  Things happened; there was no further action.  Notice came last Monday that one, a special one, was going to be closed out.  It may be okay. 

Some things make sense. 


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