Tuesday afternoon….  Well, the new homemaker aide did not show up today.  It seems she was sick.  Word came just after everything was figured out and set up to get something done.  The month finally started to come into focus and things needing to be done began to be lined up (Monday is a legal holiday).  A piece fell off the scooter footrest (it broke).  Friend was contacted.  He could see about all of it on the way home.  The behind really began hurting this past Saturday.  The last time there was attention to it was eleven days ago.  It was finally concluded it might be best to ask about nursing again.  It’s possible if needed. 

Wednesday afternoon….  It’s a free day of sorts.  Friend is expected this evening with a few groceries, stuff to fix the scooter footrest and the post office box mail if at all possible.  It was especially nice that the lunch lady came early, and lunch was finished off early.  The afternoon nap that seems to be a necessity any more was finished off much earlier than usual.  That important email about the plants got sent.  Some complaining was addressed to the agency arranging the services supposed to be provided by homemaker aides.  And, the joy of the day was that there was one good comment about the stuff written for The Diary’s Blog. 

Thursday morning….  There’s a long minute here to compose and one must take advantage of every long minute.  The scooter footrest is now glued together (or at least it’s taped together) and awaiting further repair.  The day’s likely to be at least very busy with preparations for tomorrow’s visit from the food truck, new aide, friend (expected to be going to the bank) and the lunch lady.  For Saturday a special visitor is on the schedule (a Valentine remembrance); so, the less to do tomorrow, the better.  A check to verify the move out date showed it erased, so evidently that’s again changed.  

Friday night….  A noteworthy day it is, and not because it’s Valentine’s Day.  As the day began, things were as expected.  Lunch came on time and all that.  A sub is delivering presently and he’s trying very hard to do his best.  The new aide to come at noon apparently did, but apparently didn’t see fit to knock on the door.  That be curious.  Some searching and some griping followed.  Food truck came just fine, and friend came just fine, only the bank closed early in anticipation of bad weather, so money is in hand, but money orders for the rent aren’t.  It’s too much money to have around, so new arrangements are in the works. 

Saturday (Delayed)….  The day was spoken for and then wasn’t really used.  Day without turmoil is rare.  Friend was supposed to stop by and go get cigarettes, a phone card and maybe other things to use up the extra money on hand.  Buying the things was in the plans anyway but later in the month.  He got sick doing ice and snow removal.  A special little group of people wanted to send a visitor with a Valentine’s day gift.  He made it, from all the way across the river amid all the bad weather stuff, but it was nearly evening.  The whole day was spent in what’s here and now called “a waiting mode.”  …But, that’s really okay. 

Sunday night….  It being Sunday, regular friend stopped by a little after noon to see if the apartment resident was still alive.  (Yes.)  The plants got watered.  The extra cash on hand went with him, and stuff was brought back a couple of hours later as expected.  Now the change has to be put away, but fatigue, hunger and a few odds and ends are in the way of that.  It’s good that tomorrow’s a holiday of sorts (legal, but not super), but it also means that the money orders for the rent still can’t be bought as the bank is closed.  A lot of time was spent in the “waiting mode” again.  “Waiting mode” is often messing with the computer.  

Monday night….  It’s been one of those days that sort of drifted by.  Lunch came even though it was officially a holiday.  The regular lady is due back from “short vacation” tomorrow, and the substitutes were wonderfully sincere.  Much of the day was again devoted to the computer; a request for information was posted on a message board and surprisingly a Diary message was composed – a surprise as it seemed there wouldn’t be time for one.  The request for information had reply and that needed an answer as well.  Something may come of it.  Little is expected of the new aide due tomorrow. 

Every day can have new problems added to the old. 



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2 responses to “Mid-February

  1. Michael

    Carolyn, who supplies the home-aid, nursing etc? Is it a free service? Just interested.

  2. Hi, Michael!

    Thanks for the note, I think…. 🙂

    That’s a complicated question. Firstly, it’s two different services. Doctor’s visits are a third thing. All three can be free, and all three can turn into “you pay” even if initially free as well as be “you pay” from the beginning.

    The best example is with skilled nursing services. That’s “registered nurse” stuff, not nurse’s aide. The homemaker aides can be nurses aides, but technically they are not.

    Medicare pays for skilled nursing. I can set it up — call the company, etc. — but the doctor signs it off. The assessment nurse (case manager) decides what nursing is needed. Now, both me and the doctor can think nursing services are needed, but if the assessment nurse says otherwise, that company is not going to do it, often for fear of not getting paid. I can get them to continue if I agree to pay for it.

    Part of my past problems have rested with incompetent assessment nurses. I’m not about to pay for it if Medicare will cover it.

    The homemaker aide services per se are an old folks’ service handled by something like a senior citizens service agency. It’s covered by a law called the “Older Americans Act” (not Medicare) created because the government wants to avoid people being in nursing homes. (Pay a housekeeper for three hours a week and he/she doesn’t have to be in a nursing home.) …BUT, much the same thing can be part of the work of a company that is basically nursing services under the heading of “home health care aide.” One difference is that those don’t do errands. I want the likes of the errands service. And, more important, the latter uses Medicaid (not Medicare) funding and I’m not about to willingly apply for Medicaid, either. 🙂

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