And, February Proceeds….

Tuesday night….  Lunch lady said she might not be around tomorrow.  Well, it is to be expected at times.  There is other food around, but it takes a little doing to make it completely ready to eat – not much, but less is wished.  After awakening (unwillingly) about 4:15 a.m. (EST not clock time) and foggy-headedly dabbling in assorted morning stuff until 10:15 a.m. with hopes of getting back to bed for a time, a knock on the door came from none other than the homemaker aide, who was due 11:30 a.m. or later.  So much for the hoped for hour’s nap.  This aide’s a real problem.  A trip to the office was needed for information. 

Wednesday morning….  It’s cold outside, but not as cold as has been or is ahead, it says.  It’s snowy outside, but it looks like what was predicted is still above and may just float on by.  Nonetheless, the lunch lady didn’t come.  Tomorrow’s not known.  It appears the toilet problem is permanent – not enough water pressure when someone (could be more than one) on another floor is using the water like for a shower.  As it’s not something that happened in the long past, it’s a guess at it being a new resident and, therefore, permanent.  No one is due to come today, except maybe friend this evening and naturally the internet connection is bad.   

Thursday night….  Early today homemaker aide was “let go” as far as this space underfoot is concerned.  It’s bad enough that what went on Tuesday was almost total mishandling.  When the agency office was found closed at 8:15 or so a.m. it was a case of a temper was finally lost.  They had been politely called yesterday, twice, to see if something could be done about the woman’s basic inattention to what needed to be done.  Slap-it-together Sally was a hindrance, not help.  If the agency was not going to do anything about it, the only thing to do was say don’t send her again.  Friend brought a couple of store items. 

Friday (Delayed)….  There be a big, important meeting after lunch.   Essentially, no formal notification issued; there was a line like a footnote in the management newsletter “suggesting” (plan to attend) all residents show up.  They didn’t.  As it was more or less “ordered,”  it was necessary to go.  As expected, there was little heard (or learned) (or maybe even said).  It was intended, apparently, to discuss the relocating everyone was due, but it drifted off.  It upset the late morning but was survived.  Fortunately no one was due to “visit” and the new relocating date was learned.  …But all else was eclipsed and forgotten.  

Saturday (Delayed)….  This be another of those incredibly lost days.  Loss to too much haste seems to be a growing thing.  Somehow that can’t really be the cause but what is then is a mystery.  In the entire day – 7:00 a.m. to 11:45 p.m. – little was done but mess with the computer.  There should have been lobby trip to be sure of the new “move out” day.  That’s needed for email in regard to the plants.  The computer plague was two things, bad connection and bouncing cursor.  The day was consumed trying to finish the entry for The Diary’s Blog – hampered by difficulty in exactly how to say it.  It did, however, get done.   

Sunday (Delayed)….  It is after midnight, so it is Monday morning.  Friend came by twice, in the afternoon and evening.  He went downstairs and checked on the currently posted move out date (for all of his people, but went at the suggestion of the place underfoot).  That was good as in exasperation there was a trip down the hall for a better computer connection.  He also watered the flowers – maybe it will be enough, although they are used to better treatment.  Strange dreams in the nap that made this a late entry are to mull over.  One point was something in regard to a sedative, only there was no such thing beforehand….  

Monday afternoon….  It is after the afternoon nap, and the head cleared enough to remember that the money orders for the rent are needed.  It doesn’t help that the behind is very sore from sitting on Saturday.  The lunch lady brought lunch of unexpected items, but there was a muddle through.  Little can be expected of the new homemaker aide coming tomorrow, but at least one is due – something can get done (to be figured out later this evening it is hoped).  Connection to the internet was good today, which is always helpful.  All is not the best, however; a lobby trip that made sense was scrapped in favor of more rest.   

Getting old is depressing. 


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