Coming Out Of The Big Freeze

Tuesday (Delayed)….  The Diary’s Blog article for the day seemed inadequate as it was begun.  Much of the day was spent concocting follow up with very little in actual accomplishment at the end of the day.  Word came that a new person was coming to do the homemaker aide stuff at the regularly scheduled time.  At least the mail will get picked up and the trash will get hauled out.  What else she might do has to be sorted out over the next couple of weeks.  The cold weather is still a thing of concern, not so much personally as the place can be kept warm with the oven, too, if necessary, but in regard to those that come.   

Wednesday (Delayed)….  A new homemaker aide was on the scene today.  She is a nice enough person, but the aide business is rather up in the air presently.  The need for a nurse’s aide exists and that is a confused situation as Medicare covers nurse’s aide services.  The homemaker aide services are senior services.  Friend surprisingly did not come by.  He hasn’t been around since December 29.  Trash accumulation has not been the only concern.  The insurance check also needs to be cashed before it becomes a stale check (in a few days) and cigarettes are still being rationed – no money to buy several cartons. 

Thursday (Delayed)….  Regular friend came by, late, too late for it to be of very much use, but he did go get cigarettes and money, both of which were low.  The quarterly insurance check was due to be cashed days ago and was considered a lost cause, but he was sure “his” bank would cash it, so  it was handed over.  It’s not impossible, just not likely.  The final visit of the nurse was expected; about the time she was expected word came that it was moved forward a day.  A drug store call is needed because one of the vitamins is about out.  That isn’t vital, of course, but the medicine is also running low. 

Friday (Delayed)….  This was the last day for nursing services as such.  There’s a nurse’s aide in the works, it seems, but at this point that’s still all confused.  The agency for nursing services, per the nurse, was properly notified.  However, she was saying things that didn’t jive with the homemaker service.  Serious attempts have been made to get the stuff coordinated in the past.  The last attempt was in the email sent last weekend.  The drug store was not called.  Staff housekeeping, it seems, is authorized to take out trash if someone is stuck with it like when the aide someone has doesn’t show up – learned by accident in a passing chat.   

Saturday afternoon….  An noontime nap prompted by a feeling of exhaustion by 8:30 a.m. already turned out to be a nightmare time.  It was about moving out of the place for the better part of a week for the window construction.  Along those lines there has been no idea of what to do.  The day was a “free day.”  Lunch was a nice leftover from yesterday.  Things need to be done all of the time just to be alive, including counting and putting away the week’s financial events.  And, the day started with little expectation of doing so.  The nightmare insured that, as it was frightening.  Such doesn’t happen often.  

Sunday afternoon….  Well, regular friend may be back “on schedule” – he came by at about the usual time, watered the plants and went to get a few supplies and a pre-paid cell phone card.  As expected, the insurance check wasn’t honored at his bank as it was past date (what banks sometimes call “stale”).  The only bright spot in the day is that the week’s article for The Diary’s Blog has been scheduled for publishing already and some follow up on the first part has been seen.  Next week promises to be busy with calls needed to the drug store, the doctor’s office and the insurance company. 

Monday (Anticipated)….  The temperature is predicted to be near the mid-50’s, which will make the place hot, too hot to do much.  As noted for yesterday, the drug store, doctor’s office and insurance company should be contacted.  There’s no knowing where the call to the doctor’s office will lead.  Persons to show up then are the lunch lady and the drug store delivery lady.    There may be chance to explore the re-locating business in between them.  That has to be done quite soon as there is no telling for sure if regular friend can come up with something other than what the building management has arranged. 

It can be hard to tell which way life is going. 



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2 responses to “Coming Out Of The Big Freeze

  1. Michael

    What’s the insurance check, Carolyn? Premium or payout?

  2. Hi, Michael! Thanks for the comment. The “insurance” check is an annuity payment from my life insurance company; the policy format is called “life annuity.” I didn’t pay in very much (never paid up the policy), so it’s not very big.

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