New Year’s Eve

Tuesday, Christmas Eve….  Homemaker aide dutifully came, ran errands, did a little laundry, carried out the trash … and presented a gift, a fancy box of candy, before leaving.  The candy hasn’t been tried as of this writing.  With that matter out of the way, since it wasn’t anything like sunset yet, there was an opportunity to send a few Christmas greetings to people online.  At least the ecards would be at the homes of the people on Christmas morning, except for one, although that should be there for about their noontime.  Nothing was sent in the mail; nothing was distributed in the building – too much physical effort needed. 

Wednesday, Christmas Day (Delayed)….  Well good intentions were all there but things weren’t too good.  Initially friend wasn’t expected, although Wednesdays in the evening are a normal time to stop.  He was coming anyway for others.  So, there was an unexpected visit.  In fact, he came twice, the second time with cake that cost too much.  The expected visitors with the Christmas dinner were about two hours late.  There were two of them.  Perhaps because they were late, a rush job was instituted that wasn’t very pleasant.  What was supposed to be special in a rare way was quite burned.  It wasn’t a good visit.  

Thursday (Delayed)….  At about 6:00 a.m. (or maybe slightly before) the plants were finally watered with their mid-week watering.  As the homemaker aide was present on Tuesday, plant watering was left to the resident.  And, the resident’s get to it powers were so limited Wednesday it took twelve hours to get the little job done.  It’s not surprising blog notes weren’t done, either.  At this point days are so unclear it’s not certain what day the nurse came.  It was this afternoon, a little earlier than usual, it seems.  A big new batch of irritation developed late in the day, about six hours after the nurse left.  It’s not good.   

Friday (Delayed) and Saturday (Delayed)….  There’s no real recollection of what went on either day.  The lunch lady came Friday and the lunch wasn’t eaten until Saturday evening.  Although there was a fast look through email and the like, no computer work got done.  There was also no wandering downstairs or tallying of funds that have been sitting for a week.  There was concern about the place that had the new irritation – it was pretty big and messy.  There was even thought to call the nurse until word came on Friday that the doctor planned to make a visit on Monday.  There was messing with online games. 

Sunday (Delayed)….  The money got straightened out in the morning.  There’s a a chance friend will go get something on Sunday, which was the motivation that got the money straightened out.  He was much later than usual; it seems another resident is in a rather bad way.  He had thoughtfully bought a big breakfast cake (the one from Christmas not being the greatest).  He also watered the plants and took the new one down to the lady who has been re-potting them.  Some matters may be drifting back to something more normal, not that it’s wonderful.  A little thought provided the means to investigate the burned treat. 

Monday evening….  The lunch lady came, before lunch was finished the doctor’s visit started up (he wasn’t around very long, but did seem to be checking things) and later in the afternoon the lady down the hall brought the new little plant in a bigger pot.  We talked a little about what might be done with the plants when the reconstruction in the apartment was going to be in play.  The day was okay; and, the aide is due tomorrow (today, Tuesday) instead of Wednesday as it is holiday time.  It’s nearly midnight, but even the commentary got done.  Things might be back to the point of barely manageable. 

There are people who don’t know what to do with their time. 


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