Christmas Is Near

Tuesday (Delayed)….  Theoretically it should have been a mostly “free day,” or one when no one was expected to come by for some reason, so the day could be used in whatever way came to mind.  Only the afternoon and evening were free, as the lunch lady comes Monday through Friday.   However, a notice had come around from the building management….  Well, it looked friendly, but maybe it had papers or something….  Although forty-five minutes late for the meeting, it seemed a good idea to go see.  The meeting was to tell everyone they needed to vacate the place (individually) for about a week due to construction.   

Wednesday (Delayed)….  The homemaker aide didn’t show up.  The place being strewn with a week’s trash, among other things, friend was called.  He was called yesterday in the wake of the announcement to stop on his way home to read the papers.  Needing to work late, he had to come another evening to deal with what the aide didn’t do.  (Friday is usually good.)  No mention about next Wednesday was made with the notice that the aide wasn’t coming.  That had to be fished out of the office.  Appropriate or not, she’s due to come next Tuesday.  They did not ask, of course.  It was another vey upset day. 

Thursday evening….  Well, today really was a free day except for the lunch lady who was a bit late.  It wasn’t too free, as last week’s errands had not been tallied up yet and the food truck is due tomorrow, as well as friend to bring a few items and get the money orders for the rent and maybe even the post office mail.  The order for the food truck has yet to be made out.  At the current rate, it won’t get done until tomorrow morning – however, there was some freezer space created for some of it, how much money can be spent has been estimated, etc.  The first step is always getting started.    

Friday (Delayed)….  It was a very busy day.  The lunch lady had a lunch more fit for another day, so something had to be fished out for lunch.  The order needed for the food truck had to be figured out.  Things bought had to be put away.  All morning and early afternoon were so used.  Then the nurse came.  In the absent aide matter, friend came in the evening, but he was too late to go to the bank for the rent money orders or to the post office.  He did take the list as it had grocery items on it that could be brought Sunday.  Both water and alcohol are nearly out and are to emergency supplies.      

Saturday (Delayed)….  As Christmas draws near, it looks like there is going to be very little of a “traditional” Christmas in the apartment underfoot.  Normal life’s spotty enough without something like the recent apartment announcement.  All the stuff sitting around needs immediate attention.  That blows all normal plans to oblivion.  With it being near impossible to think things through, trying to do a little something about the rather bland computer appearance that came with the thing seemed a good idea.  Christmas cheer on the desktop wouldn’t be a wasted effort.  Stumbling along, it took all day.      

Sunday (Delayed)….  Friend came late and without the few groceries.  Two of his other people had problems.  He then went and got said groceries and some other stuff he needed and came again, much later.  The revamped computer visuals, it seems anyway, are uplifting to the spirit.  Anything lifting the spirit is good.  The stuff brought by friend was emergency level stuff.  It was not everything in need of replenishing.  It looks like the list done for Friday is going to be strung out the whole of Christmas week.  Some people online got downright snotty.  There was unexpected involvement there.     

Monday (late, but not technically Delayed)….  Friend came again, late again, the purpose being to do more on the list that was left at home….  The money orders for the rent and some cash are now in hand.  A phone card, however, still needs to be bought sometime in the near future.  He plans to be around in the building come Christmas Day.  And, speaking of Christmas, there is a Christmas card for everyone posted in The Diary’s Blog, and it is a rather different St. Nicholas.  If someone reading this is unfamiliar with the other weblog just click on the link in the sidebar to see the Christmas card that goes with the comments carried here. 

May all who have visited here have a Merry Christmas. 



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4 responses to “Christmas Is Near

  1. Michael

    We wish you a happy Christmas, Carolyn, and I hope, in the New Year , your health problems fade away.

  2. Thank you, Michael, and my good wishes to you all, too. And, I hope you got a look at the ancient-looking Christmas card 🙂

  3. Barbara aka AmberAnn

    Merry Christmams Caroline, and a very Happy New Year

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