Holiday Time, 2013

Tuesday night….  Everything Christmas should be well on it’s way.  Ha!  There is going to be little done at all.  For one thing, two things were learned yesterday in the trip to the office.  Moving to another apartment has been okayed.  If/when a suitable something opens up, things have to be in readiness, although it’s not too likely to be before the first of the year and maybe long after.  Secondly the lease papers were messed up.  The lunch lady didn’t come today, so there may or may not be a problem there – it won’t be known for sure until tomorrow  at best.  So, going into the holiday time is already that much occupied. 

Wednesday night….  Things are momentarily going pretty right for a change.  At the moment it is late, but still Wednesday.  Friend didn’t stop.  Nurse didn’t stop either.  But, there were still three people that came, the lunch lady, the delivery lady from the drug store and the homemaker aide.  Nurse wasn’t expected to be stopping.  Getting things from the drug store was a spur of the moment thing, in the mid-morning.  Vitamins were getting low, and the prescription cream won’t last too much longer.  (There was one pill left in one bottle  — they are not vital, but it doesn’t hurt to take them.)

Thursday night….  It’s a good thing nothing much was in the works for today – a drippy nose started in the morning and continued all day with periodic sneezing and by tonight coughing has been included.  Most of a box of nosey tissues even with tearing them in half got used up.  None were on the grocery list; there were three other boxes in the place, but at the current rate they won’t last long.  A lot of the day was spent online looking through things.  Included was a bit of a hunt for an item of special interest, so it wasn’t a day that amounted to nothing.  Also of interest was figuring out a game (and that is useless).        

Friday (Delayed)….  A disorganized day that should have been a breeze it was.  A short visit from both the nurse and the lunch lady was all that was expected.  Off chance, friend might have come since he didn’t come Wednesday (he didn’t).  Be it reasonable or not, it seems there was a panic attack.  When the nurse’s reading on the blood pressure gizmo was exceptionally high she took it over again, and a couple of more times after that it was still high.  It never hit normal.  Neither did anything like thinking – it wasn’t possible to think well at all (forgetfulness ruled the rest of the day and night). 

Saturday night….  Well, yesterday’s panic attack seems to have sloshed well into today.  It wasn’t until this evening that things seemed to be okay – not that good but okay.  And, that’s only in the apartment underfoot.  A look outside the door, the one to the hall to see if any notices or Christmas cards were there, brought a sense of anxiety and it was nothing but a glance.  It’s like getting lost somewhere and suddenly realizing that while having no idea of what to do.  And, this goes no farther on Saturday, it is still being difficult to concentrate on anything.  At least a couple of basics, such as eating, were covered. 

Sunday afternoon….  Friend stopped as expected (only very big troubles would keep him from seeing “his” people on Sundays), and he was rather surprised by the problem that developed in the leasing office to put it mildly.  He decided to immediately go get a money order to cover the mistake made in processing the rental agreement, although it didn’t have to be corrected tomorrow (that was a point upon which there was insistence).  The anxiety business still lingers.  The nurse is due tomorrow  again.  It’s expected she will be coming fewer times.  In the near future, of course, the holidays will confuse a lot of things.  

Monday night….  The drippy nose active as a faucet needing repair is that way at the moment and has been so all day.  The nurse came by as expected with words about coming just once next week.  That has yet to be figured out.  If possible, if she could come some day other than the homemaker aide, that would be best.  A fast run to the office first thing this morning took care of that problem.  Friend’s concern about that has been covered.  Things are in such a disarray that it was a little near 4:00 p.m. when it was figured out that Christmas is next Wednesday, not Thursday.  And, nothing on that has yet been done…. 

The end of a year means changes are coming. 


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