Thanksgiving Week 2013

Tuesday night….  Happily, two important Thanksgiving remembrances sent via email got picked out.   It took a lot longer in the doing than expected for several reasons.  The first idea didn’t work and neither did the second.  The third was at least eventually workable, however, it hasn’t been used in years.  Technically, it was hard to use because “how” was forgotten.  People are due again.  Things are not ready  for the homemaker service.  Two or three papers around a couple of months now got pitched.  The papers pile is horrendous, but most often they do not get attention as there’s too much to do. 

Wednesday (delayed)….  The nurse came today, as expected, but she will not be back until Monday.  The hind paws have improved, so it’s okay.  Since someone is expected to bring a Thanksgiving dinner, there still won’t be a “free day.”  The homemaker aide came, also as expected but a half hour early.  As she felt sick, it made sense to tell her to go home.  She stayed a about an hour, got the rug swept and the trash out, but no errands were done.  Calling friend bought in a carton of cigarettes and a promise of errands for Friday.  Shortly after the nurse left there was a terrible attack of something.  Wisdom suggested mostly staying in bed. 

Thursday, Thanksgiving day and a special anniversary (delayed)….  Since there was the strange attack, little was attempted especially in view of both the visitor and the fact that internet connectivity was again lost.  The guest with the special Thanksgiving dinner (and another little houseplant) was delightful.  She acted as if she wanted to help in other ways (like The Project), but it would be a first time for any such thing.  There was connectivity until about mid-morning, then there was a trip downstairs to get it in the lobby (a table to work on is better than a lap by the elevators).  Supper was skipped; bed was needed. 

Friday night….  Whatever has gotten worse is still around.  The attempt to catch up on notes ended about halfway through yesterday.  The attempt to pick up on some online stuff (again in the lobby) ended before things where half done.  The attempt at breakfast amounted to two smallish cookies.  Regular friend went for things in desperate need, so the week’s errands were covered minimally.  One of the rent payments also went to his care.  Both hind paws also seemed worse this afternoon, so they got smeared up with some medication whether the nurse and doctor would think it best or not.  It helps to know if one is coming or going. 

Saturday night….  The witching hour approaches and, once again, there’s notion in mind that the day amounted to nothing.  As there’s (once again) no internet at present, unless there’s a trip somewhere like down to the lobby where it’s colder than in the apartment since people continually come and go, what’s related to it get’s no hands on attention.  It’s probably not too important on a Saturday from any angle, but that’s beside the point.  There was about an hour downstairs, and most of the day’s activities (what there were) consisted of blog words, which can be done without connectivity.   …Been late all day.

Sunday night….  Regular friend came, talked a bit and watered the plants.  There was little else for him to do, he having been around on Friday.  The internet isn’t available yet in the apartment underfoot.  There were lobby trips to get online a little while.  Since the offices in the lobby (there are two down there, one is  for a social worker of sorts) will be open tomorrow morning for business, it isn’t good to be down there then.  The Diary’s Blog got an advanced posting and the edge is too jagged, but tinkering takes a lot of time.  It’s not likely to get done.  The blog for the history site got an addition in spite of circumstances. 

Monday night….  Well, surprise!  It’s Monday night.  Lunch lady and nurse came and word came that the doctor was coming tomorrow.  Some more was added to the now defunct contest entry (it wasn’t very good, but at least something could be added to make it long enough to post it) then there was a race downstairs as it is still a condition of no internet access … and in the totality of this day’s activity it was forgotten that it is Monday and this little paragraph wasn’t done and if it is to be posted for tomorrow, there has to be another trip somewhere at midnight, or thereabouts, no editing out jagged edges, etc.  Surprise!  It’s Monday. 

Noisy people can be distracting.   


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