Just Mid-November

Wednesday night (late)….  It was a sad day, the birthday of someone special not among the living any longer.  There was pause to remember, but not the normal virtual visit to the cemetery.  Nurse, lunch lady and homemaker aide showed up as expected, but regular friend did not.  In addition the nurse said the drug store would be coming with a prescription, which they did not.  That may mean a visit tomorrow and an interruption on a hoped for free day.  Yesterday is no longer a memory apart from the trip downstairs to check out a reported wireless hotspot in the lobby.  It’s a good one.  The weather did finally hit freezing recently. 

Thursday night….  As expected the drug store delivery arrived, although from a look at the situation, the medicine is no longer needed.  It hasn’t been used.  The fact that it came today rather upset some expectations of hitting the bed; but, of course, very little goes as is hoped.  Surprisingly regular friend did not come by; it was thought he would as he didn’t stop yesterday.  Possibly he was given just a little too much to do earlier in the week.  🙂  It was a lot, the errand plus figuring out how to get the CT scan done as he would do the driving.  The joy of the day’s time was getting some more material up to copy for the history site. 

Friday night….  A light bulb burned out – the three-way second element actually in a lamp usually on 24/7.  It’s what’s always used there.  The homemaker aide’s grocery list recently did have one on it.  Come to find out this morning what was bought was a package of 60-watt bulbs, not a three-way.  Friend was notified of the light bulb need (saves discussing it with the aide as well as plodding along on low visibility until Wednesday), but traffic prevented the delivery this evening.  Nurse came.  Lunch lady brought a lunch and kindly helped determine the bulb situation near noon.  And, the house is about out of chocolate. 

Saturday night….  Well, the fact of life is, another day somehow vanished.  It is a mystery as to where it went.  Perhaps too much time was spent on things like the ten or so extra minutes spent on doing a breakfast of something different from a couple of donuts from a box and a vitamin pill.  Nothing was done for things like the many projects around.  Little time was spent wandering among news reports and message boards.  There were no accidents to clean up.  No visitors came.  A new thing was tried, but that only took about an hour, if that.  The in house mail got picked up, as there’s a suspicion there’s a problem there. 

Sunday night….  It was a strange day for sure.  The temperature setting for that thing that controls the temperature of the place is seldom changed be it on cool or heat.  It’s shut on and off.  Setting it higher or lower does not work as the sun through the windows is too strong.  It is on heat right now as winter is here; but, the place is chilly until the system starts a cycle.  Today, for some reason yours truly was plenty warm even in the pre-dawn morning, but the unit kept starting up and running normally, so it can’t be the actual temperature.  Friend came as usual.  He brought an exchange for the top and light bulbs. 

Monday night….  The nurse did not come today as expected.  They said she had car trouble and would be coming tomorrow.  It was otherwise a lousy day — the temperature outside went up just a few degrees which made the place so hot the air conditioning was turned on in the afternoon.  The Diary’s Blog was done, but other than that nothing of value got done except some odds and ends.  Pulling a needed ad out of the week’s advertising and replacing a mostly empty water jug with a full one isn’t much.  An idea to go downstairs was scrapped.  The heat got so bad the thinking got confused.  There was almost a fire.   

Coming holiday time can have a strange effect on people. 


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