November Is Here

Tuesday, and just late afternoon/early evening this time….  The doctor came; it was earlier than expected.  There was a fast run through of his business and now the new smear on stuff is here for the nurse coming tomorrow.  Tomorrow shall be a complex matter as not only the nurse and the homemaker aide are due, but the building management is sending maintenance with the fire inspector to take a look to see that the smoke alarm and emergency pull cords are okay.  Friend’s also due in the evening.   To add to the upheaval, per notice today, more stuff in regard to the apartment is in the works for Thursday. 

Wednesday night….  As expected, the place was busy from late morning onward until about 4:00 p.m.  All went surprisingly well, not perfect, but certainly good enough.  A few things hoped for did not happen.  Some things sitting for months (a couple of years) were cleared up.  The decision mentioned has been made but it’s likely to be a waste of time.  That won’t be known until December.  Years ago there were four personal events in November including a family birthday.  They are sad times now.  There is also Thanksgiving but that can be done without any big  to-do as can the quiet pause for Veterans’ Day. 

Thursday morning….  Well, it’s almost 11:00 a.m., but that is still morning.  The morning wasn’t bad once the system calculated to do something was abandoned reluctantly.  …Needs some adjusting.  Expected maintenance visit is over – day is free once the lunch lady is gone.  The calendar says it is the 7th of November.  It’s hard to believe it’s the 7th already.  Things like the rent money orders need to be scheduled.  Monday is a holiday; the nurse and food truck come tomorrow.  For whatever reason, friend did not show up last evening.  A planned request will be re-thought today.  It’ll cost money but, fortunately, not much. 

Friday afternoon….  And, this little note got no farther until Friday evening.  To begin with, there was the  matter of being up all night (until near 5:00 a.m.); that suggested a rest period after lunch was a sensible activity.  Two surprise visitors came in addition to the lunch lady, the food truck driver and companion and the nurse.  For some reason that probably should be explored but not now, the drug store sent another tube of the smear on cream.  Well, now there’s plenty at hand so it can be used more freely.  As the sun set regular friend was at the door.  The December rent payments had been mentioned.  He had time. 

Saturday afternoon….  The thought uppermost in mind in the morning (the new project) and the most important thing around (tallying up the money) sat as the computer stuff nagging the back of the mind — need for an anti-virus, fixing the weblog for the history site, things better suited to someone with more technical knowledge — got attention.  The muddle through took all morning and tired out the mind.  They may be okay, but the mind is tired.  A nap’s what is in mind, but first at least this will be started.  And a trip downstairs always makes sense if for no other reason then to get out of the apartment for a while.   

Monday morning….  The intention yesterday was  to jot down some things.  But, there was email to be answered — explanations that took a long time.  It took all evening until nearly midnight (nothing else got done).  Friend stopped in and he watered the plants, took a sweatshirt recently bought to exchange and more.  It is hoped he can help with the CT (CAT) scan business.  The money dealings for the week did get tallied up — that isn’t sitting to be done later.  A little adjusting with the computer works was also done, but it looks like that won’t be lined up.  And, the nurse is due in a couple of hours. 

The ability to pivot with life’s events is important. 


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