Into November

As anyone can see, neither Monday nor yesterday provided a chance to concoct a few notes.  It’s to be expected.  It’s an unstable world.  So, it’s Wednesday and the eve of Thursday, which is the eve of the saints’ day.  Friend came rather late and volunteered to get a couple of packages of cigarettes lest there be a nervous tizzy of sorts.  Nurse came later than expected and worked diligently.  The homemaker aide came, so errands got done; but, that’s getting into a bad scene – complained to her boss she didn’t have proper cleaning stuff.  Monday, at last, the nurse tried something new.  Yesterday was a try at rest.  

Thursday night….  Once again today there was a trip to the office to see about a move to another apartment.  Actually, the rent was taken down; it’s pointless to make the trip uselessly.  Since they were stacked near the entrance, handy, this coming month’s old people’s free newspaper was also picked up, not that it gets read (it doesn’t), but it doesn’t hurt to have it around.  The library, surprisingly, did not come up with an answer to an emailed  computer problem.  A start made on some weblog work may be worth something, but that’s not likely, either.  It’s started, period.  Nurse is due tomorrow.  

Friday night of the day of the saints….  It’s a favorite day.  A packet of messages from the office was outside of the door this morning.  There apparently was one for every apartment.  The note of importance in the space underfoot was one in regard to fire department regulations saying to keep all doors shut; although it’s been known, the door has usually been left propped open to avoid rushing there when someone’s due to come.  Well, no more of that for the time being….  Nurse came.  Nothing else but lunch lady was due.  The odds are there won’t be outside sitting around, either, until spring as the area’s blocked off. 

Saturday night….  The place seemed more comfortable than usual, although the the  temperature outside didn’t seem that different from other days.  Deciding a trip anywhere was a good idea just to do something more than frantically trying to do something useful with the computer, there was a run downstairs to look to see who might be there.  At least a hundred and fifty people live in the place and there was no one around the lobby.  Determined, the trip went to the basement.  Three women were in the community room playing cards.  No welcome came to be — par for the course there.  Some things don’t change much.    

Sunday night….  The time change being in effect, out of necessity adjusting to it was attempted in the morning.  It isn’t sorted out well yet.  There is no reason to change any personal stuff.  There is only need to change things that relate to the outside world.  Life and times were seriously hampered by a powerful backache around noon, which eventually eased up then re-instated itself a little after 6:00 p.m.  Regular friend came by and was presented with a long list of stuff.  There’s now enough cash on hand and cigarettes to cover a couple of weeks.  He said the doctor called and planned to visit on Tuesday, which was expected. 

Monday night….  There were fifteen cigarette butts counted in the ashtray come this morning, which seems a lot more than usual.  Of course, adjustments are yet to be made to the new time.  It was nice to get a letter from a friend today.  It is a kind of thing that shows that one is not forgotten.  The nurse came; that was fine even though she didn’t know about keeping the door shut.  It’s hoped the doctor does as well tomorrow.  The lunch lady knew about the door.  There’s a decision in the offing:  should there be an entry into a contest?  It seems like there is a lot to do that would make creating an entry too time consuming. 

Stewing over decisions gets little done. 



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2 responses to “Into November

  1. Michael

    Carolyn, what is the significance of the door shutting by the nurse and the lunch lady?
    Does the rent not get paid automatically or on line?

  2. An open door creates air movement (draft), especially if there is also a window open. It’s a fire hazard. The fire department takes a minimum of ten minutes to arrive, the walls are wallboard and the cooking facilities are generally by the entrances to the apartments. To curtail problems fighting a fire, fire regulations say the doors (everyone’s) must be (solidly) shut all the time as there’s no knowing when a fire will happen somewhere. The doors are fire doors and the building is not usually evacuated as people can get hurt in a mass getting out of the place while fires aren’t usually extensive.

    People who come have “generalized” appointments, not specific times like 2:00 p.m. as traffic, emergencies, etc., can make them early or late. They are set as something like “between 1:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m.” for a 2:00 p.m. appointment. The person getting the service, therefore, must be available to receive the service for three hours, 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. as the person coming might not arrive until three.

    Although I knew it was a fire regulation, since I have to be sitting on the scooter to get to the door, I was in the habit of propping the door open a few inches so that anyone coming could just come in without me going there.


    Someone who wants automatic online rent payment can set up such an account. As long as rental offices accept at least money orders, I, personally, have no intention of doing so as should there be reason to move that, too, as well as assorted other things, has to be unraveled. What they don’t want is cash and bad checks.

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