Nothing But Trouble

The week started on Tuesday morning just like any ordinary morning might but there was a “feel” of things not going as they should be going.  It turned out that there was enough in play to delay notes until Thursday (today) morning.  Nurse came, but the activities might be described as “testy.”  As suspected, the agency was really not too interested in providing services.  Unbeknownst to the patient, by Tuesday morning they had  instituted a “discharge.”  This led to “interesting” activities with the doctor’s office.  Yesterday, while running the errands, a petty thief robbed the homemaker aide at the supermarket. 

So, now it is Thursday and time to get ready for the food truck tomorrow.  Also, regular friend is coming by to go get money orders for the rent, that while those other concerns are taking both time and energy (of which there is little).  Beside that, last week’s cash action hasn’t all been tallied up yet.  Lunch lady’s car had a dead battery yesterday, so even she was later than usual.  And regular friend has added concerns as well.  Those should still be around well into next week.  Well, it’s a sure bet it’s not smooth sailing for other people, either.  It just might help if someone in the same boat came along…. 

Middle of the night early Saturday it is.  If the first of the week wasn’t enough, it was equally upsetting Thursday and yesterday.  Surprisingly, Thursday brought in a nurse from another agency, which was a short-lived service; some bandages were changed.  What was expected yesterday was the lunch lady, regular friend and the food truck.  Then, the new nurse came along and said she’d be returning in the afternoon.  Mid-morning a second flush of the toilet brought  an overflow; it was clean water, but all over the floor.  That brought in the lady next door and later maintenance.  And regular friend didn’t come.  

Sunday morning brought a state of peace – no solutions or resolutions for some concern or the other, just a state of peace.  That’s what Sunday mornings should be.  Saturday night brought another stink bug chase.  Sunday afternoon brought another stink bug in, and it ran behind the window blind out of reach.  When the new chase begins is unknown.  Friend did stop by and the plants got watered, s0 at least those should be okay for a few days.  The post office was called in regard to Wednesday’s theft yesterday, and the mail there is on hold.  Since it didn’t get done until yesterday afternoon, that’s not all arranged yet. 

Tomorrow is Columbus Day (legal holiday) so important stuff like bank and the post office things have to be done some other time.  Regular friend (who did not stop by Friday to go to the bank) plans to return tomorrow to bring change for a twenty, five dollars of which he gave to the neighbor lady who mopped up in the bathroom so it’s fifteen dollars coming and twenty going.  That doesn’t get bank stuff done, and he has an important funeral tomorrow.  There was discussion of a trip to the post office on Tuesday….  A new nurse may be coming tomorrow, a questionable thing – again, it’s a holiday. 

Well, it’s Sunday night.  At the moment there is an internet connection handy in the apartment, and good sense says to get this posted, up to date or not.  At least a few things have been noted.  If there’s a nurse, a visit by friend and maybe bug chasing tomorrow, there’s a chance it wouldn’t get done tomorrow.  There’s still a tallying up of recent money transactions to do as well, and it looks like it won’t get done tonight, although that would be nice.  If this “patient” winds up needing to do all of the bandaging, while it might not be impossible, it’s a sure thing there would be absolutely nothing else done. 

Some people appear to have a nice old age. 



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4 responses to “Nothing But Trouble

  1. Barbara aka AmberAnn

    Hello, you keep going I see spite hiccups and hold ups in your life.
    Kind regards Barbara.

  2. When things happen, I’m often stopped dead in my tracks, then I say, not yet you whatever. Thanks for the comment! 🙂

  3. I’m so sorry to read about your run of bad luck – one thing after another – yikes! Hopefully, the upcoming week will be a much better one for you. Stay strong.

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