A Little Miracle Included

Hmmm….  Here it is Tuesday morning again, just not as early as last Tuesday, as the computer is taken under hand.  Of course, there was no inclusion of Monday after the “events.”  Event number one was nursing services to change bandages, which went better than usual.  Event two was a trip to the outside world that was just at the right time to run into someone in the hallway giving away packages of cookies.  Interested parties walked away with two which might cost around five dollars at a supermarket.  Some reports have suggested direct sunlight is useful against the type of skin infection present.  A little shouldn’t hurt. 

Well, it’s Wednesday morning.  Nurse, homemaker aide and lunch lady were the only things on the schedule.  And, the lunch lady said (yesterday) that she would be on vacation for the rest of the week, so lunch will be later than usual.  Arrival should be during aide time rather than nurse time.  Both need to be watched, but the aide needs the most watching.  Friend’s important errands on Friday have to be put away yet.  Attempts yesterday to do something about the swelling around the right leg were interrupted by a bug chase.  Maintenance did spray something smelly around the windows.  Evidently it’s no longer effective. 

Friday morning….  Yes, there was a Thursday plagued by a bug (insect) crawling on the ceiling overhead when there was a dire need to rest a painful swollen foot (same bug as Wednesday).  The bug was finally caught.  So, today the nurse, the food truck and the lunch person comes and nothing’s ready for the first two.  In addition, the mail-in rent should be gotten into the mail tonight (write enclosure note, etc.).  There’s still no easy internet access.  The doctor should have been a priority call and wasn’t.  The cell phone payment hasn’t yet been logged into the system.  The police were in the office. 

Saturday evening is what it is.  In a surprising collection of events yesterday the nursing services went well, the food truck came early (perhaps into the future as well) and the rent payment got into the mail.  Rent payments institute a sense of freedom.  The lunch was much later than expected, but that turned out all right, too.  Tomorrow regular friend should be around.  Theoretically at least the scan should be discussed.  On the whole there is no concern about “ordinary life.”  On Monday the nurse should be coming, and there really should be calls to a couple of places, like the doctor’s office. 

There were some standard problems today (Saturday), like the air bed had to be replaced as it got a hole in it.  But, there is at hand what might be called a miracle if one views it so.  There was a gamble with the computer.  “Systems Restore” as most should know takes a computer back to previous settings.  That didn’t seem to be the thing to do.  There’s another thing called something like “refresh” that keeps getting advised.  Something needed to be done as some things appeared to be stuck and so forth.  The whatever may even have had an effect on the online connectivity, that is the lack of it. 

Well, what seemed to be a good idea knocked out almost all of the start page and desktop shortcuts.  One program knocked out of the system was the one used to compose these commentaries.  The beginning of this, all of the Diary’s blog, and a long entry for one of the other blogs was deemed gone forever.  A download of the program was no problem.  It’s that all that was written in draft was presumed gone.  It is a re-installation that’s being used.  Somehow it was all saved, and not in the hosting site, WordPress, as is known.  It’s not Monday night.  It’s not even Sunday, but publish right now will be since it seems possible. 

It isn’t necessary for everything to be understood. 


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