A Few New Things

The clock said it  was about five minutes after two in the afternoon, a wonderful time.  The idea in mind was to spend about twenty minutes checking a few usual bookmarked sites, then get lunch.  It being Saturday (September 7, 2013) lunch was at random.  And, somehow setting down the coffee cup (straight up) caused a plop of the liquid that left drip on both pants legs and the arm of the top.  Now, clean up is not difficult – main spots briefly grabbed in handy nose tissues, then alcohol spray on all spots, then more mopping up usually takes out all evidence of such accidents.  It shot down the timing.  It’s life in the old folks’ home. 

Well, it is Saturday.  Another Tuesday is a blank.  Among other things there was  a bug problem most of the week.  The bug mentioned last week had companions that didn’t come out until later.  Two nights they crawled the ceiling, one parked about over the head of the bed all of Thursday night.  The nurse got it into a bag by climbing on a paint bucket….  She carried it out when she left.  Regular friend and nurse both came both Wednesday and Friday.  Friend came extra on Friday to go get money and pay the post office box rental, getting there too late.  It was done this morning.  He expects to be gone all next week. 

Wednesday the substitute homemaker aide came just a bit later than usual.  She also caught one of the companion bugs.  A new aide is scheduled for the coming week.  Thursday new pills prescribed by the new doctor arrived.  The hope was they would come Wednesday, but the drug store said there was a bit of a mix up of some sort.  It’s to a point where questions are no longer asked, just hand over the stuff.  So far there have been no noticeable ill effects.  It seems the breathing is a little better.  At some now forgotten moment most of the bandages came off of the right hand.  It’s not okay, but it is good enough for the moment. 

This should be put together on a daily basis?  Ha!  Between trying to get around while avoiding the bugs on the ceiling, trying to sort out the newest needs based on current events of a personal nature and what all develops, that be impossible as whether it’s a matter of coming or going isn’t even certain.  And, it sure won’t be done Monday night.  Monday the doctor comes, the nurse comes, of course the lunch lady comes and things have to be figured out special as the aide is new on the job while back up regular friend is going to be gone for job reasons for an entire week.  (That’s more work, less help.) 

To add to the mix, back in May there was a long moment of nostalgic inspiration that resulted in a long piece suitable for posting in a Dayton history site.  After a little discussion there, it seemed that what was done would not be enough.  More stories and more explanation be in order.  An “about” and disclaimer were done for a new blog, which soon enough was rather tentatively set up, from which the text could be incorporated in the history site, but there was still nothing else for it.  For some unexplained reason (perhaps too much turmoil) there was a drift to doing that.  The offer fizzled, but http://riverdaleghost.wordpress.com/ is up.    

It’s very easy to get into things.   



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2 responses to “A Few New Things

  1. Barbara aka AmberAnn

    Hello just to let you know still reading your blog, so hope you are keeping well

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