A New Way?

It was never an intention to be changing the method of “production” herein, but it does seem like that is happening.  It’s Monday night.  The only thing possible at this point is to look at the calendar and try to re-construct the past week.  Not one thought has been noted down anywhere due largely to a state of exhaustion or the like.  More or less sleeping most of Saturday and Sunday did provide the energy to get through the day.  That wasn’t all that was done.  It was just most of what was done.  As both ankles hurt substantially, the bed was unavoidable that way as well. 

There was no homemaker aide on Wednesday.  There has been much discussion on the matter, and it isn’t okay yet.  There was nursing service both Wednesday and Friday, and Friday’s was the argumentative and incomplete kind.  To make matters worse, although it seems the ankle and foot area seem better, there’s a bubbling up elsewhere.  It would be pure chaos if it weren’t for “regular friend.”  At least there’s cash in hand to get stuff from the food truck come Friday and at some time maybe from the drug store.  He also got the money orders for rents and a copy of the insurance letter for the office. 

The filter changing for the heating and air conditioning unit never happened (it supposedly be rescheduled for today, Tuesday) .  The proposed inspection for a new lease also never happened so far.  Every visit to the office finds a new staff person holding down the fort.  It looks like they are routing people in from out of town….   The one there when the insurance letter was turned in was not only a new face but was talking on the telephone and gushing all over the place at the time.  It seems unlikely she heard  word said.  (There was enough energy to run down with that on 8/26.) 

Sometimes it’s not possible to put down much.


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