August 13-19, 2013, Also Different

As “mentioned” last week, hey, it’s either this way or no way.  It’s existence that was totally upset to begin with that has been totally ”re-upset.” 

Doctor.  Doctor came on Tuesday (8/13), took down some notes, laid out some plans at least mentally and pulled off the bandages that were a big concern.  The plans included a nurse from a different organization  and some clinical tests to be done in-house with portable equipment.  And, the doctor somewhere in there said something that seemed to mean the situation might be too much for general practitioner/family doctor types. 

Nurse and tests.  Nurse came Friday and re-did the bandages (took two hours) and set yesterday (8/19) for replacement of same – results and any addenda unknown at this writing as it is Sunday afternoon.  The first equipment was to be an X-ray, but it turns out that was mis-information as it was called “echo” (real definition unknown) which is some kind of reading of heart action.  It happened Saturday and couldn’t be finished due to bandages.  

Homemaker aide.  The good aide that was coming “is no longer with the agency” and there has been no word beyond that.  Regular friend has carried out trash twice now, swept out the place, picked up the post office mail and bought a few supermarket and drug store things.  That’s in addition to getting rental money orders.  Just fortunately he can find the time at the moment.  Even if there’s a replacement assigned for tomorrow (8/21) it takes weeks of “training.” 

Apartment.  The new leasing paper work is not done yet, although a letter from the insurance company is now in hand (still needs to be copied).  The inspection that goes with it all originally set for last Friday and scratched due to the nurse coming has not only not been re-set, the property manager was talking something else when there was a trip to the office late Friday to see about it.  Apparently a few more trips to the office are ahead. 

Computer.  At the moment the computer seems to be working okay and is now getting easier to use.  (That’s a good thing.)

Finding bright spots can be difficult. 


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