August 6-12, 2013, Is Different

Hey, it’s either this way or no way.  Indeed, if things continue as is it will be no way regardless. 

1.  Computer.  (No computer guarantees no way.)  All the stuff to be “installed” from old favorites/bookmarks are in the system somewhere.  The thing doesn’t connect too well sometimes, but there’s no known need to waste time searching for something and the like.  It’s presently Sunday and it’s not even remembered at this point whether it was finished Friday or Saturday.  First not picky actual thing done: the current posting for The Diary’s Blog. 

2.  Homemaker Aide.  The new caseworker from the agency that does the actual contracting showed up Tuesday to say hello.   The homemaker aide had trouble with her car and didn’t show up Wednesday.  Car trouble is a bad sign.  An aide can lose her job if she has no car to get around.  In this case it’s bad for a couple of reasons, one being it’s a bad time to be getting a new aide.  That’s just one.  As the apartment management scheduled an inspection, it’s a worry. 

3.  Nurse.  Nurse showed up on Thursday, not Wednesday and Friday as laid out at first.  She went and got an authorization for a crappy treatment that had some kind of strange drainage on the air bed by evening.  Email was sent.  Then calls went to the office both Friday and Saturday. A nurse came this (Sunday) a.m. to adjust matters, but because the order was there she couldn’t do anything much but replace what the first nurse had put on the wounds with the same stuff. 

4  Doctor.  A new doctor from another doctoring service was scheduled for a visit come Tuesday.  The account was finally completely cleared late Friday afternoon.   Of course no medical directives exist until the doctor actually sees the patient.  If it doesn’t work out there isn’t much alternative in home care that is available.  And, there hasn’t been much study on any alternatives to in home care.  Hospital emergency rooms are good places to pick up bed bugs. 

5.  Apartment.  Re-doing the lease work date be August 12 (yesterday) but the results are not known a this point (Sunday night).  The application was not in the envelope with the notice.   Necessary papers were not listed, either, but some can be a guess.  That will lead to the leasing inspection set for Friday, the same day the food truck is due again.  They can pick at something that will cost both time and inconvenience.  And, with neither application nor list, it’ll take time. 

Friend has been so upset that he went to get stuff Wednesday and forgot to get a constant item, water….    


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