July 30, 2013. 

No news today on the nursey front.  There’s something not quite right about the business.  The call for information was after 4:00 p.m. today.  Some was sort of promised for tomorrow morning.  It shall be looked into then if nothing drastic happens in the meantime.  Most of the “up time” of the day was spent messing in the computer trying to get things arranged into a working order.  There’s still a lot to be installed to approximate what was on the now useless one.  The aide to help around the place comes tomorrow and no list was made out – a something else to do in the morning as it’s near the witching hour already. 

July 31, 2013. 

“Kathy” is gone.  It’s thought she, like “Tim,” was more than a contact — a friend but not a crony is a fair description.  She said today was her last day on the job.  She will be missed and there needs be an adjustment to someone else, someone younger and less experienced, etc.  The retirement came at a bad time with the nursey situation not resolved and standard life going on (continuing) with its constant day-to-day needed activities.  At least the homemaker aide came and all went well.  All the old bandages (now into about their third week) covering the hands were pulled off and replaced.  That was good.   

August 1, 2013 … (Delayed) 

Well, a nurse (a man this time) finally came again and an assortment of hidden things in the medical documentation came into view, such as a declaration that the patient is obese (a shade under 5’11” at 140-150 lbs. is now obese – by what standard?).  No wonder some (not all) of the people who have shown up in the past were incomprehensible.  The realities and the documentation don’t exactly jive.  The cruddy bandages glued on for a week were replaced.  And, heaven only knows where things are going now, but at least some fresh medication has been smeared around. 

August 2, 2013 … (Delayed)

Delayed it is, because the posting for yesterday was finished about five minutes before the witching hour.  A new posting would have been delayed whether it was done then or still later.  It only made sense to go to bed and do it still later.  What happened is a bit foggy now (Monday, August 5).  A serious problem in regard to nursing services had surfaced.  A new doctoring service is in mind.  In the midst of the telephone call regarding the latter, the fire alarm went off.  The call wasn’t finished.  The food truck was soon due.  Later the doctoring service in use got heated words.  Lastly, greetings from the apartment building came. 

August 3, 2013 … (Delayed) 

These little notes can be done in less than a half of an hour.  There are problems with getting to them.  Well, for this day another round of changing the bandages was due, and Saturday is the only sure one of those priceless “free” days.  So much for that.  Clean bandages are a top priority and something like two-hour deals if there is a lot of paper work.  Much effort was devoted to the huge effort needed for the computer.  To the tallying up from the homemaker aide’s errand was added the the tallying up from the food truck to wait.  Cash is low and an errand by friend is needed to add to the tallying up business…. 

August  4, 2013 … (Delayed)                            

It being Sunday, friend stopped by as usual and got loaded down with a growing list of concerns.  He could go get money, phone card (a shade less than twenty dollars was on the cell phone, not enough to go chasing after services for very long), cigarettes and some odds and ends.  He also was prevailed upon to water the plants, poke in the code to put the money on the telephone and see about the nursing services problem come business hours.  Things is ‘way too much to handle….  Late email from the homemaker agency’s contact wanting to come was answered.  And, a load of computer arranging got done. 

August 5, 2013. 

Well, a third nurse came.  She’s not nearly as good as the first two – didn’t reply to direct statements like, “How do you want to do ‘x’?” and did a lot of “medical advice” talk that didn’t make much sense.  And, she’s the one coming back again Wednesday.   She brought nothing like gauze and tape and used up almost all of what was around.  The agency representative decided to come tomorrow after being told about the nursing services.  Both feet hurt a lot — swollen above the ankles after a couple hours up and it takes hours to get them back down some.  The computer is usable — not finished, but usable as previously used. 

It can be easy to get to be a nervous wreck. 


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