July 23, 2013. 

The big news of the day is that nursing services is again a thing of the past, it was said.  It took three months of agitation to get it; they came for about two weeks only one of which was what was needed.  There’s no way all of  the bandages can done personally.  It was the case manager that showed up to be doing it.  The light for the kitchen has a bulb that burned out again.   Given the day’s big deal,  there was no mood to be doing anything; but, there was a run to the office near 4:15 p.m. to get maintenance, the office being closed on Wednesdays.  This week it was closed on Tuesday afternoon, too. 

July 24, 2013. 

Today continues yesterday.  A telephone bill was rung up calling places as part of the aftermath of losing the nursing services.  The nursing service even called the homemaker aide (who works for the same company) and told her duties now included doing anything that needed to be done in regard to the such things as the bandaging in the one hour per week allotted to personal care.  The aide was advised otherwise when she got to the apartment.  First thing in the morning it was noted that the air bed was due to collapse (too much air gone).  A new one was added to the (already once revised) errands list. 

July 25, 2013 … (Delayed) 

Who knows what happened at this late date, namely the late evening of July 26, 2013….  With no food truck due or payments due or people due or other thing due it should have been a free day to recuperate a little more if possible.  Well, it wasn’t.  For one thing, there had to be a trip to the office about the kitchen light bulb.  For another thing there be nothing at hand that would be easy breakfast, meaning grab it and eat – there is plenty that needs some fiddling.  A basement trip was undertaken for breakfast rolls – a dollar a shot nowadays.  Light blub replacement got done.  Telephoning was done. 

July 26, 2013. 

More telephoning was the order of the day for the second it should have been a free day.  In the midst of a crucial call the fire alarm went off.  There was to be no conversing for the standard fifteen minutes it takes for the thing to be shut off.  …Which wouldn’t have been so bad if it hadn’t been approaching 11:00 a.m. as barely had things settled down when lunch lady was at the door.  Lunch was refrigerated (saved for tomorrow as no delivery tomorrow), but still to put all parts somewhere took time, by which time a pertinent email assumed not to be coming came.  The crucial call was never finished  

July 27, 2013. 

A happy day it was, insofar as possible.  Lunch, saved from yesterday, could be a when-you-get-to-it-thing and happened much later than usual.  That’s only good because it then becomes “unrushed” activity.  Another sort of necessary trip to the basement for breakfast became extended to a look in the library.  It’s just too bad there isn’t time presently to read an interesting book found.  A meander outside found two people with whom to actually have a conversation.  It’s uncommon.  The swollen right leg got wrapped up to do this, which isn’t all that good, but the result (a trace of real normalcy) made it worthwhile. 

July 28, 2013. 

Regular friend dutifully stopped by, watered the plants, brought cake for easy breakfast, kindly took a rent payment and agreed to do the enclosure letter and did a few other little things.  Much of the day was spent abed as the right leg starts swelling almost immediately upon getting off of that and doesn’t recede in less than two hours there.  A few more of the bookmarks/favorites from the old computer got installed on the new one.  There are dozens more, some of which are important.  The substitute nursey-doctor is due near noontime tomorrow.  The likely result will be a delay of days before real medical service.

July 29, 2013. 

End of a week of sorts is here.  The nursey-doctor came this morning and earlier than expected.  She went through her routine then listened to the complaints, which were perhaps a shade incoherent although one point or another might have gone through. The option for other services has not been shelved.  It’s possible to wait a day or two to see what happens.  Enough energy came from somewhere to get a measurable dent into the computer stuff (small measure, but measurable nonetheless).  There are only four packs of cigarettes left, and there are just a few dollars on the telephone. 

There are times to pray for continued beautiful weather. 


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