Time To Be Hot

July 2, 2013.  

It’s been terribly nice and cool in the apartment, so much so that the numbers on the weather gadget have almost lost their meaning.  Still, there can be a confused state.  Supper was salami and bread – not a sandwich , just salami and bread.  It turns out the salami slices were miscounted and what was thought to be about a dozen was closer to two dozen.  The nurse came.  It’s a state of all new bandages.  There was no progress with the new computer.  It’s also terribly nice to not have to sit immobile waiting for the scooter batteries to re-charge.  Today it was the second time it was a simple matter of switching boxes. 

July 3, 2013 … (Delayed) 

The big thing on Wednesdays is always the coming of the homemaker aide also known as a home health care aide.  And, the big thing currently is the freedom from concern about running out of energy to operate the scooter.  Cash in hand was quite short until regular friend went and got some in the evening.  Right now (at this point, which is Friday afternoon) most of the day has been forgotten but for that and a concern that one of the wounds on the foot is draining crap, and it is contaminating the shoe on that foot.  It happened a week ago, too, but that, it seems anyway, got cleaned up.  

July 4, 2013 …. (Delayed) 

It being a holiday, it was taken as a time to do as wished (apart from the concern over the shoe and the foot).  Scooter energy was squandered.  There was time to go downstairs and sit outside just to get out of the apartment.  That it was raining outside didn’t matter.  It wasn’t a violent rain.  That a not so friendly person also showed up outside didn’t matter, either.  A couple hours of fireworks nearby did disturb a restful evening, but even that didn’t matter.  A clue was found in regard to using the new computer.  That squandered scooter energy, too, as it was done down the hall in front of the elevators…. 

July 5, 2013. 

The nurse didn’t show up as expected at 10:15 a.m.  A call to the office said she had decided to come at about 2:00 p.m.  She didn’t.  The food truck didn’t come as expected.  However, both eventually arrived.  For a change things went better than expected.  The current food truck driver is a vacation substitute, and the nurse is the back up nurse, so the “better than expected” is just for today.  Just for today is okay, too, as long as one remembers it’s for the moment.  There was a sit outside after some debate, but, more important, a little problem may have been solved in regard to the new order in the (personal) universe. 

July 6, 2013. 

Awoke with good intentions – early morning was supposed to be a new time for pill taking – and almost immediately had one of those messy accidents that take an hour or so to clean up.  The pill taking was delayed by several hours.  While it’s not necessary to take them with food, it seems to be the best way to handle it as that’s easy to remember.  Squandered scooter energy going downstairs to sit outside again.  Wasted a bunch of time playing a computer game (often can’t do much else with the computer time).  Left bookkeeping undone again to finish a part of the computer game.  It wasn’t a well managed day. 

July 7, 2013.

Sundays bring a regular visitor who stops to see if there is still life in the place.  A part of the stop the visitor added is to ask if anything is needed, like food.  Food is not ordinarily needed, but other things are readily mentioned – lawyer, phone card, person to do research at the library….  It was a nice visit, and needs may be reported on Wednesday.  Online message boards once provided a wealth of good information.  A look around suggests such things are dying.  Maybe the look was in the wrong places.  It’s something to investigate when there’s time.  Nothing’s been posted  that seems to be of any personal use. 

July 8, 2013. 

Word came that the nursey doctor is coming tomorrow, and not the one who has some interest in a cure.  The nursing service was called and was presented with a thought that the nurse to change the bandages should really come after rather than before the nursey doctor.  They sent no subsequent word and it’s after 6:00 p.m.  At least the change from the errands last Wednesday got put away; it was short twelve cents.   It was a “free day” except for the lunch lady.  Those are nice and wished for mightily.  More fresh blood (just a little) was found again today – not yet completely figured out – which put a damper on it. 

For some, retirement is not a time of ease. 


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