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June Continues….

June 4, 2013 … (Delayed) 

The weblog entries got posted.  It’s amazing that some have been getting done and published, although sometimes a bit late, more or less in a timely manner.  Most often there is no clear idea of an action being ”coming or going.”  A new medical concern was found in the wake of some unexpectedly discovered blood.  Trying to figure that out and an entry for The Diary’s Blog took up most of the day.  The blood wasn’t really figured out – the concern was stopping it without being able to see the source (on the backside).  The homemaker aide could then look it over in due time.   

June 5, 2013 … (Delayed) 

The homemaker aide came and, as usual, did a pretty good job, which this week included an assessment of the rear end problem (she is personally a nurse’s aide no matter what the overall agency wants to call her).   The doctor’s office was of course also called.  Although there was a willingness to adjust the schedule, since things seem to be under control it seemed sensible to take the planned time for a visit on Tuesday.  There’s the promised matter of a new air conditioner/heating unit to consider (it did not arrive, although it was expected today).  New plans have been made and given a start….

June 6, 2013. 

‘Tis again near the witching hour.  Scooter was re-charged in the afternoon as it was seriously low on energy (as could be expected), immediately followed by a messy accident – when there’s a lot on the mind “klutzy” is easy. The fact is, there were several near accidents like lunch in the lap and bandage lost in the trash while cleaning hand.  The food truck comes tomorrow and list for same needs to be made out.  That plus a couple of other things that should have been done weren’t.  The first of the rental paperwork is expected in a few days.  The notice to go to the office, however, hasn’t arrived yet.  

June 7, 2013. 

A humble Friday it is.  Important things were rather skipped over, like what was not done yesterday and the day’s news for today.  Almost three hours were used up deleting computer/internet stuff.  It isn’t finished – probably won’t ever be finished, but it’s kind of like dust in that one gets rid of some of it.  The lady of lunches came and the food truck came so there are plenty of foodstuffs at hand.  It wasn’t a bad day, but next week is supposed to be hotter and the new heating and air conditioning unit still has not arrived.  The new medical problem seemed to be holding steady today. 

June 8, 2013. 

It was a day when there was a brief time that felt as if everything was okay and all finished off … and a few minutes later the fire alarm went off again.  The fire alarm goes off a lot in the building underfoot, more so than in other places.  Some of it seems to be medical.  The nose got stopped up at about that time making it difficult to breathe – lousy timing if there was a fire.  The job finished off was getting out of a message board that was a mistake from the beginning.  The job left undone was bookkeeping.  The matter delayed was food.  The concern was scooter energy, as usual. 

June 9, 2013. 

June continues.  Scooter re-charging continues (three hours of it has just been finished –- that takes care of it for a couple of days).  There may be changes in that whole business in the days ahead.  Important things left undone continues.  Well, the moving around is very slow anymore, and there’s nothing much that can be done about it.  Trying to move faster just causes more problems since accidents happen.  Friend stopped by as usual around noon to see if life is still present.  Supposedly there will be someone new next week.  While that’s a continuation, too, at least it’s different. 

June 10, 2013. 

Once again the witching hour approaches.  Once again the evening meal is yet to be consumed, but this time it’s just a little different in that lunch was not around noon but rather after 3:00 p.m.  That extra four hours makes a difference.  The nursey doctor cometh tomorrow, which is good given the new ailment.  There was a good rest after the late lunch.  Happily an online friend was found.  It’s yet to be seen if the reason for that will work out okay.  Happily there are seven days in this entry – it seemed impossible that would happen.  Even the money left sitting around got put aright. 

There are better times and worse times. 


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