A Little News

April 30, 2012 … (Delayed) 

This “delayed” stuff is not good.  However, as the infection seems to be creeping on an increase, it only made sense to try to get some real bandages on a few places rather than stop-gap stuff like wrapping pieces of facial tissue around troublesome areas.  It took an astonishing four hours to get one hand “fixed.”  It’s difficult to work with one hand (in this case on the other), but there was no expectation of it taking that long.  It did make for easier use of the hands.  Of course nothing got done.  And, a couple things needed to be figured out, like squeezing in a trip to the office to pay the rent. 

May 2, 2013. 

So, May Day was missed.  Well, the household helper came, and made a mistake with the laundry.  The thing in mind beside getting the place a little cleaner was paying the rent; it took scooter energy and that was low.  And, after the helper left it was also necessary to try to find someone to re-do the laundry.  It was a day that sloshed over into today so badly that last night’s supper was consumed at 6:00 a.m. today.  Life didn’t allow for much sleep, which in turn didn’t allow for much good use of today.  An after hours call to the doctor’s office provided an unexpected notice that the doctoring nurse would be around Monday. 

May 5, 2013. 

It is going on three days with no internet again.  And, as expected, the scooter needs a re-charge again — the business takes four hours and lasts about a half of week.  And, it can’t be just any four hours.  It has to be done when there’s presumably little reason to move an inch.  Friend went to the store and brought a load of paper products.  Those are going fast as the persistent cold (if that’s what it is) has increased in it’s intensity and activity.  A few medical things like gauze were bad enough that Friday it was forgotten that the doctoring nurse is due to come tomorrow afternoon. 

May 6, 2013. 

The doctoring nurse did indeed come today, investigated matters some more, said she was ordering some more medication and would be back in a week.  She was early, but that was okay as the scooter was desperately in need of re-charge.  That had been the primary intent of the day until the message came through that the doctoring nurse was coming.  Instead of taking to the bed for the four hours, since the computer got access to the internet again. it seemed to make sense to do some computering.  Somehow, there has been a drift into another weblog.  There are now four, this, The Diary’s Blog, one on the family and the new one. 

It’s easy to get into some things. 


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  1. Michael

    I hope those bugs leave you alone soon Carolyn. get well!

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